Postpartum Stages - How Dads Can Support Their Partners

postpartum stages, postpartum stage

Mothers are the true office bearers when it comes to taking care of the baby for at least a few months after delivery. However, during this particularly hectic time, the dad is not short of a hero with all the help and support he can offer his partner – be it helping her squeeze in extra naps or ensuring the kitchen is stocked with not only baby food but also the mom’s favourite snacks. Your partner will appreciate all the help she can get and this is a great time for you to be involved with your family.  

Here are a few ways you can be a truly hands-on partner during the postpartum stage. 

1. Postpartum Stage - Manage expectations

In the postpartum stage, it becomes truly imperative to understand your partner’s expectations from you as a dad. Understand what she expects you to do, what areas she needs your help in, and how best you can support her. All women are different, and hence the best way to deal with sharing responsibility is to communicate clearly. 

Be proactive, instead of waiting for your partner to say it out loud. Chances are, she doesn’t have the time or energy to keep track of all the things she needs. 

2. Postpartum Stage - Embrace domesticity

As a partner, in the true sense of the word, you are equally responsible for everything, and knowing how to do everything your partner does (except breastfeeding, of course) will truly reflect teamwork. Changing diapers, helping the baby fall asleep, cleaning up around the house, etc. are just few examples of what you as a dad should be able to do. You’re not really helping your partner if you have to interrupt her every five minutes asking where the baby powder or something in the kitchen is.

3. Postpartum Stage - Be a comforting partner

The mom is recuperating from both physical and mental exhaustion. Be there for her. Listen to her rants, complaints or just whatever she wants to talk about. Comfort her and tell her that she is doing a good job because it’s highly likely that she’s struggling withthis new role. 

Give her a shoulder massage once in a while. Hugs and loving reassurances go a long way. Do what it takes to give her a break every once in a while, even if it affects your own social life. Parenting calls for some next level teamwork, and you can’t possibly be making plans for yourself while your partner is stuck at home taking care of a newborn. 

4. Postpartum Stage - Spend time with the baby

A daily walk with the baby is one of the best ways to foster and strengthen your bond with it. Apart from that, take turns changing nappies, feeding the baby and waking up in the middle of the night achieve a dual purpose. Taking responsibility of the baby and letting the mother catch a break, will help her replenish energies and refill her nurturing batteries. 

5. Postpartum Stage -The sex can wait

Post-delivery, the mom needs time to completely recuperate from the exhaustion, both mental and physical. Sex might be the last thing on her mind right now, and you have to respect that. Your partner’s well-being is top priority at this point. Loving will return soon enough, but your lack of patience can cause conflicts and resentment between you two.
In case there’s any anxiety or doubt about postpartum sex, both of you should talk to the doctor on when is the right time. Proceed slowly and gently. Include a lot of foreplay, and just relax.

Want to know more about how dads can help during the postpartum phase? Drop your questions in the comments! 


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