Pregnancy: A Journey for All

Pregnancy: A Journey for All

Have you been told that you too will suffer from high blood sugar levels, as your father had it too? It is well-known that some diseases, especially those that are caused due to chromosomal changes are passed down genetically. Often, maternal infections, caused during pregnancy also cause some deficiencies. From the moment, mothers do a pregnancy test at home, like using the Pregakem pregnancy test strip, they are worried about the well-being and health of their child.

Genes contain instructions that tell the body how to grow and how to function. It could be said that most of the genetic makeup is determined at birth. However, environmental factors also play a significant role like some medicines can cause deafness in people with certain genetic makeup. You can check out maternity blogs week by week to ensure that you are taking the right nutrients and performing correct tests to check the health of your upcoming child.

Genetic Disorders

A genetic disorder is caused due to some abnormality in the genetic makeup of a person. Genetic abnormalities could be a slight change like a discrete mutation in a single strand, or a colossal change like the addition or subtraction of an entire chromosome, changing the structure of the chromosome to a large extent. Some acquire genetic disorders from their parents, while some genetic changes are caused due to environmental factors like a mother’s stress during pregnancy, not receiving the correct nutrition during pregnancy, living in dirty conditions, and so on.

Types of Genetic Disorders

There are a number of genetic disorders that are inherited.

● Single gene inheritance

Single gene disorders are caused due to mutations in a single gene. Cystic fibrosis, alpha and beta thalassemias, Marfan syndrome, fragile X syndrome, sickle cell anemia, hemochromatosis, Huntington’s disease, and so on.

● Multifactorial inheritance

They are caused by abnormalities in multiple genes and a combination of environmental factors. They are also associated with height, eye color, fingerprint pattern, and skin color. Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, obesity, arthritis, diabetes.

● Chromosome abnormalities

Chromosomes are the carriers of genes. This abnormality is caused due to problems in cell division. Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, and so on are caused due to chromosomal abnormalities.

● Mitochondrial Inheritance

Mitochondrial mutations are caused in the non-nuclear part of the mitochondria. This DNA is always inherited from the female parent. Myoclonic epilepsy with ragged red fibers (MERRF), lactic acidosis, some rare forms of dementia,

Pregakem pregnancy Advertisement Causing Ripples

Pregakem pregnancy test strip, the accurate home pregnancy test, recently launched an advertisement that caused ripples across the parenthood community. It had the hashtag ‘Parenthood For All’ and showed a deaf and dumb couple receiving news of their pregnancy. It beautifully captured the father’s side of happiness too. Naturally, they had worries about passing on their deficiencies to the child. The wife explains to him that they are normal, social, and happy, so their child would also be like them. Fast-forwarding a few years later, the advertisement showed their daughter leaving for school. The audience is left waiting with bated breaths as she communicates with their parents in sign language. However, she speaks to her friend aloud in school. The advertisement ends with a message saying, “You don’t need words when happiness touches your heart.” The message is obviously endearing and the couple’s happiness is so infectious that it reaches the audience. However, it sparked an important discussion; the impending worry of passing genetic disorders and deficiencies to your children.

Fear of Transmitting Genetic Disorders

Physically disadvantaged parents often worry about transmitting their deficiencies to their children. It is said that 50% to 60% of cases of hearing loss in children are caused due to genes. It is wrong to blame this on the parents, for none can control their gene pool. In India, there is huge pressure on women to birth a healthy child, especially a boy in many areas, from the moment they conduct a pregnancy test at home. However, 25% of hearing loss cases are caused due to environmental factors like maternal infections. 70% of mutations do not show any syndromes until later. If more than one member of the family has hearing loss or muteness, it could be said to be a familial disorder. A genetic prognosis would reveal more accurate results.

Signing Off

Pregakem Pregnancy tests are one of the most accurate home pregnancy tests available in India. As soon as you get a positive result, schedule a doctor’s appointment. Keep an eye on the maternity blogs week by week to know important tests to be conducted before the arrival of your child. Genetic hygiene and genetic counseling are of utmost importance to ensure that your child is born healthy. Pregnancy is a journey for all; even if you have any deficiency, what matters is your desire to give birth to a healthy child. Your love and care would surely yield positive results. Some genetic mutations are out of hand. Doctors can provide warnings based on suggestions and medical history. Enclose your family history of diseases and disorders with your physician. Most doctors try to offer an accurate genetic prognosis as best as possible, based on your family history.


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