Pregnancy Comfort – Various things you should be knowing

comfort during pregnancy

Pregnancy is incredible, but this joyous journey can be a bumpy ride with aches and pains. Almost all expectant mothers face inconvenience or feel uncomfortable at some point in time during their pregnancy.

Here are a few ways in which you can make these nine months a little more comfortable: 

Tame that tummy:

Pregnancy comfort is the utmost priority for everyone. But the hormones think exactly the opposite. They are the reason for all the morning sicknesses. The key is to keep dry cereals or crackers on the bedside table, so you can munch on a little food before you get out of your bed. Take precautions that you never miss a meal and keep eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Also, don’t overload your tummy. 

Drink it up:

Stay hydrated! Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day. This will not only help with your liver and kidney functions but will also help to keep constipation and fatigue away. To avoid heartburn, drink your liquids between the meals and not with the meals. Stay away from sugary drinks and caffeine as they can cause dehydration.  

Rest, rest, rest:

One of the best pregnancy comforts is to rest. Whenever you feel tired, just listen to your body and rest. Taking naps, sitting down with your feet up, going to bed early are small ways that can help you to get some rest. Avoid taking on more work than you already have. 


As the pregnancy advances, it gets difficult to find the perfect sleep position. Gather all the pillows of the house if you want to, but make the bed as comfortable as you want. Always, lie on your side and not on your back. Avoid heavy meals or drinks 2-3 hours before bedtime. 

Bye-bye back pain:

Pregnancy and backache go hand-in-hand. As the uterus grows, the back starts curving inwards to maintain the balance of the body. This sudden change in posture gives way to a backache. Try to maintain a good posture while standing, walking, and even sitting. Say goodbye to your heels for nine months as they don’t give enough support to the body. 

Puff it out:

During pregnancy, your feet, hands, and legs are expected to swell a little. And with the additional weight gain, the blood circulation is quite slower than normal. For proper circulation, avoid standing for long durations. Do not cross your legs while sitting. You should also avoid sitting in the same position for long. Whenever you are sitting, ensure that your feet and legs are up and not crossed. 

Physical activity:

Without straining yourself, keep moving around and doing some sort of physical exercise. During pregnancy, the ligaments and the muscles tend to get tight. The looser the muscles are, the comfortable your pregnancy will be. Yoga is the best way to become active and also to relax. 

Go easy on yourself:

True pregnancy comfort is when you don’t stress out over every rule and advice. Go with the flow, get in sync with your body and you would know exactly what to do. Each person and each pregnancy is different. Find out what works for you, and just do that, without stressing over it. 

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