Pregnancy Detection: Convenience On The Go.

Pregnancy Detection Convenience On The Go

Missed your period and wondering if you are pregnant? The first thing you do is take the home pregnancy kit. It is easy to use, hassle-free and gives accurate results. But what if you are not at home and want to take a pregnancy test on the go?

There's a solution for that too. Though taking a pregnancy test at home sounds more comfortable, Pregakem’s pregnancy detection kit is convenient to use even while you are travelling or working. It comes in a compact pack with a unique urine collection tray, a dropper, a test device and a silica gel pouch/desiccant pouch. So, you do not need to panic or rush to the doctor every time you miss your period. With Pregakem, pregnancy tests now just became easier.
Directions to use-

1. Collect your urine in the unique urine collection tray.
2. With help of the dropper provided in the kit, put three drops in the sample marked ‘S’ on the cassette.
3. You will get your results in the next 5 minutes.

How pregnancy tests work-

The pregnancy tests are not limited to being conducted at home or at doctor’s clinic. Now you can take the test anywhere as the process is simple and easy.
The pregnancy test works by detecting the hCG hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which is present in the blood and urine approximately 10 to 14 days after conception. It is recommended to take the test in the morning as the level of hCG hormone is concentrated. This helps in getting accurate results.
The double line on the cassette indicates that you are pregnant while a single line indicates that you are not. Once you confirm that you are pregnant, you can share this good news with your loved ones and celebrate this joy. Book an appointment with your doctor for prenatal care and start getting ready for the changes you will experience for the next nine months.
Sometimes, the test can show false negative maybe because it was too early to detect the hCG level or it wasn’t done properly. If you are showing symptoms of pregnancy but the test is negative, then you can visit the doctor and ask for a blood test which will give you accurate result.

Symptoms indicating pregnancy-
• Missed period
• Tender breasts
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Increased Urination

These are some of the symptoms indicating that you are pregnant. But conducting a pregnancy test either using any types of pregnancy test kits or visiting a doctor for a blood test will clear your doubts.
Pregnancy detection just got easier with Pregakem. Whether you are travelling by train, flying away on a plane, working at an office or anywhere away from home, you can still get your results right. It is 100% hygienic, easy to use and time-saving. Buy pregnancy test kits online or from any nearest chemist shop. You can follow Pregakem on Instagram for great pregnancy or parenting tips:


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