8 Pregnancy Moments You Should Treasure When They Happen

pregnancy moment

In spite of the backaches, nausea, weight-gain, mood swings and other unpleasant changes, pregnancyis a time cherished by every mother.There are numerous wonderful and delightful moments that you’ll witness during pregnancy. Although often forgotten in the rush of things, these little moments come together to make pregnancy the most magical and life-changing experience for every parent. 
But the most delightful experiences are the ones that are innate and can’t possibly be shared or explained. Here are 8 moments in your pregnancy that you will and should treasure when they happen. 

1. Pregnancy Moment - Putting the signs together

From missing your period, to an uncontrollable wave of nausea to even feeling dizzy, mothers have come to learn of their pregnancy in the most random of ways. Recollect your first moment of knowing that there’s life growing within you, think about that whole situation and make a note of it. It’ll be a beautiful story to share with your loved ones.

2. Pregnancy Moment - Taking a test for pregnancy

Even experiencing all the signs of pregnancy doesn’t undermine the celebrations that follow after you see a positive pregnancy confirmation test. It’s noticed that many mums test for pregnancy multiple timesas they simply can’t believe it. After all, it’s the very moment you learn a 100% that you’re growing life inside of you. Snap a picture of your test, so you can revisit that moment of utter excitement!

3. Pregnancy Moment - Letting the husband in on the news

You’re not the only one breathlessly waiting for the pregnancy news. Your partner is just as excited. Make the pregnancy announcement to your partner even more joyful! Come up with a fun game to reveal the newest addition to your loving family.Husbands totally let go of that masculine facade the minute you surprise them with news of the tiny one.

4. Pregnancy Moment - Tellingthe family!

Once the pregnancy test results are out, and you’ve confirmed the news,it’s time to tell your loved ones. From granny and grandpa-to-be, to your best friend, and siblings, you’re going to love the wonderful reaction they show once you break the news. Make it memorable by recording the whole event.

5. Pregnancy Moment -  Your first craving

Waking up in the middle of the night, and demanding all sorts of weird foods to satisfy those cravings has to be something you’d want to add in your journal.Yep, they’re real and these cravings get uncontrollable at times. But they work as a great trick to get your husband to buy you anything you’d want and turn your kitchen into a weird food lab!

6. Pregnancy Moment - The first time your bump starts to show

From warm smiles by strangers at the mall, to that sweet old lady who asked you your due date, and the kid who ran to his pregnant mum the minute he saw your bump – they all left you with a sense of motherly pride and a hint of awkwardness. Congratulations you’re finally getting noticed as the future mum. Click a picture and put it in your journal! 

7. Pregnancy Moment - When the baby kicks

Nothing compares to the feeling you experience when your baby kicks for very first time in your belly. While your baby straight goes for your ribs, rest assured that you won’t experience any feelings of discomfort as the amazement of the life blooming within you will take over the pain.

8. Pregnancy Moment - The baby’s first picture

An ultrasound has become one of the most exciting events in every expecting parents’ life! After all, it’s the first ever glimpse you’ll get of your sweet little angel. The scan is basically the very first picture of your baby’s tiny little body, before it enters the world. You may want to hang on to this forever. So, don’t hesitate to preserve the ultrasound scan! (Please note: sex determination via ultrasound or any other methods is illegal in India.)

There are numerous more moments like this that you’d want to celebrate and reminisce over. Make your own little journal to document this marvellous journey, add all the pictures and stories and treasure these memories forever! 


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