Pregnancy myths you need to stop believing

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The birth of a child is a blissful event in every parent’s life. Pregnancy is one major turning point in the life of a couple and they get pregnant, everyone starts giving them some advice. Sometimes, these advice's turn out to be myths that people need to stop believing.Here are 6 common pregnancy myths and the reality behind them that should help to allay the myths.

Myth 1- The belly ‘hang’ decides the baby’s gender

In India, they say that if the belly is tight and high up, it’s a girl child and when it hangs low and loose it implies a boy child, but the reality is that you can never determine the gender of the fetus by just looking at the shape and size of the pregnant woman’s belly. The hang of her belly actually depends on the structure and strength of her abdominal muscles and how advanced she is in her pregnancy.

Myth 2- If you’re glowing, it’s a boy

Firstly, ‘glow’ cannot be easily calculated or evaluated; so whether a person is really glowing or not is questionable. The change of the skin occurs due to alterations in pregnancy hormones, but the kind of changes that actually show depends on her skin care habits and skin type. Actually there is no scientific connection of skin glow to the gender of the baby.

Myth 3- Consumption of saffron during pregnancy period will give you a fair-skinned child

Indians are also very obsessed with the color of the child and not just the gender. Pregnant women are advised to consume all those things which are considered to help in producing a fair child. Saffron is one such food item which is believed to make a child fairer. But the real truth about saffron is that it has minerals and several vitamins which help in improving immunity and has nothing to do with color.

Myth 4- Stepping outside in an eclipse is restricted during pregnancy

There are beliefs that if a pregnant woman steps out during an eclipse, she may face various evil events. But there is no logical explanation for this superstition. Nowadays, the majority of people don’t really bother about such myths, but there are still some people who just don’t want to take a risk!

Myth 5- ‘’Bathing is not allowed for the fear of wind entering the body, and a hair wash can be done only with boiled ginger water.’’

This belief has no source. In fact for maintaining good personal hygiene, bathing regularly and washing hair is recommended to everyone. Washing hair with boiled ginger water is suggested to prevent or reduce the chances of skin infections. Hair can be washed with normal temperature water as well.

Myth 6 - ‘’Praying and entering a worship place immediately after delivery is taboo.’’

Again there is no real medical reason behind this myth, but many people believe that the post-par-tum discharge is impure and it will contaminate the holy place. But even during pregnancy and after delivery, a woman can go to a place of worship of her choice without worrying about the superstitious consequences.

These are some of the pregnancy myths that many people believe despite living in urban cities and amongst medical professions. It’s time to take the step forward and break the chain! 


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