Pregnancy Travel Tips you should be knowing

pregnancy travel tips

Travelling when you are pregnant can be a little stressful, but not necessarily. If your doctor has given you the green signal and if you don’t have an uncomplicated pregnancy, then travelling is possible during most of your pregnancy. A little extra information and precautions taken beforehand can help you in the long run and reduce discomforts while heading towards your destination. 

Here are few pregnancy travel tips that can minimize the risks and increase the comfort and fun: 

Consider the timing:

Generally, the second trimester is considered to be the best time to make any travel plans. As during the first trimester you may feel tired and nauseated to enjoy yourself. And during the third trimester, you now have a bigger pregnancy belly which makes you uncomfortable to travel. However, if you are having a healthy pregnancy without any complications then you can travel even up to one month before your due date. 

Carry snacks and water:

A pregnant woman must always keep food and water handy wherever she goes. Make sure that you keep sipping on water even if you are not thirsty, to avoid dehydration. Similarly, your blood sugar can drop if you are empty stomach for a long time. Ensure that you have healthy snacks or granola bars with you every time. If you are traveling by plane, choose an aisle seat so that you can use the washroom whenever you want to without bothering the co-passengers. Avoid spicy or fried food as it can make you feel gaseous, you don’t want that while traveling, do you? Water and juices can also help you to reduce the nasal passage swelling caused by hormones, which is a common symptom in pregnancy

Pack light:

This will not only save you the trouble of carrying around a heavy suitcase but will also save you from doing extra laundry when you return. Wear simple and comfortable clothes on your trip, it’s okay even if you repeat your outfits. If it’s a leisure trip, then don’t think about the attire and just relax. If it’s a work-related trip, then carry the bare minimum. 

Keep moving:

This is a great pregnancy travel trip. Sure, you are going on a trip to probably relax, but if you are sitting for long periods, there are high chances of blood clots. Every now and then stretch and move as much as you can. If it’s a road trip, then pull over every hour and stretch your entire body. 

Travel kits:

It is recommended that a pregnant woman must keep all her travel kits in check. The travel kit includes: travel medical kit, travel insurance, and travel medical portfolio. Travel medical kit comprises of the most common medicine that the pregnant woman may require while travelling like her vitamins, anti-nausea pills, etc. Travel insurance may not cover the pregnancy itself, but covers the medical expenses that may arise if she wants to visit a foreign hospital for any treatment. Read your travel insurance plan carefully before travelling. A travel medical portfolio consists of the pregnant woman’s updated medical records. If she is ever unable to speak for herself at any point, someone can check her record and give her the correct assistance. 

Do you know of any more pregnancy travel tips? Share with us in the comment section.


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