Weekly Update: What’s Happening In Week 17 of Your Pregnancy

  • January 10, 2018
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pregnancy seventeenth week

Welcome to the seventeenth week of your pregnancy. Your baby bump is easily prominent and you’re just getting used to an exciting new development – your baby’s movements and little kicks! If you’ve been feeling unreal about this whole thing so far, now is when your pregnancy will feel like a perfectly tangible reality. Let’s look into what happens when you’re 17 weeks pregnant.

Signs and symptoms
Your waistline will have almost vanished by now, as your belly continues to grow bigger and rounder. From this week onwards, your uterus is going to expand dramatically.

You may experience a mild increase in your body temperature. It’s nothing to worry about and is completely normal around this time. As your blood flow continues to increase, you will also notice an increase in vaginal discharge, sweat, mucous and other bodily fluids.

The mommy will feel a frequently funny sensation in her stomach as her baby moves, wriggles and flutters!

As the energy levels continue to increase, you may feel more comfortable to have sex. It’s completely safe to have sex in the second trimester, so go for it and have some fun. In case of any concerns or reservations, don’t hesitate to talk to your gynaecologist.

A lot of parents start to feel happier and more confident by the second trimester. Most of the uncomfortable symptoms have slowed down to a trickle by now, so you can actually move about, undertake a new hobby, do some short travel and just have a nice time. Having said that, increased anxiety and stress are also a common feature among expecting parents. As the pregnancy feels more and more real, the many looming responsibilities – financial, emotional and physical – also start to sink in on the parents, causing a lot of stress.

What’s happening to the baby?
This tiny human is growing so fast! On an average, babies in week 17 weigh about 150 grams and are 12 cm long.

Its skin is turning from transparent to a properly firm and pinkish surface. The facial features are also fully developed. If you could look at your baby right now, you would notice its little nose, tiny eyelashes and eyebrows. Although its eyelids are still shut, they’re still moving and even are a little sensitive to light. The bone tissue in its little feet begins to harden and strengthen.

Your baby is also moving from being oh-so-tiny to a plump little bundle of cuteness, as the body fat begins to get deposited under the skin. The sweat glands are also developing.

The placenta enveloping the baby is also growing and becoming heavier, to keep up with the baby’s nutritional needs.

What should I be doing during this time?
Since your energy levels are higher than before and you’re actually comfortable enough to move around, leading an active lifestyle is a top priority. This is a great time to start doing the one exercise that yields long term results for all pregnant women – pelvic floor exercises. The pelvic floor supports your bladder, womb and lower bowel, so it’s extremely important to strengthen these muscles, especially as your womb continues to expand. Consult with a physiotherapist or a qualified fitness trainer on how to go about this.

Drink a lot of water to compensate for the loss of fluids. A lot of women experience itchiness around the breasts and the belly. This is due to the thinning and stretching of skin. Staying hydrated will help you maintain a healthy, elastic skin.

It’s completely normal to feel stressed and anxious during this time. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to your partner, parents or a friend. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help from a counsellor or a psychologist for the same.

If you haven’t already done so, start putting aside funds for the hospital and medical expenses surrounding the delivery.

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Make the most of this relaxed time by spending some quality time with your partner. Do a quick getaway over a weekend, undertake new activities together and focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. All the best!

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