How To Prepare For An Unexpected Second Pregnancy

  • February 20, 2018
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Second pregnancy

While couples tend to put a lot of effort and planning into their first pregnancy, the second pregnancy often springs up as a surprise. As many as half of the second pregnancies are unexpected. This can prove to be rather overwhelming, especially in an age where expenses are at an all-time high. But, don’t freak out just yet. We’ve put together a few tips to help you get ready for this surprise pregnancy.

Taking your time to let your second pregnancy news sink in
Just because you weren’t expecting those two lines to appear on your home pregnancy test doesn’t mean it’s time to hit the panic button. Take your time to let the news sink in. Let your partner know about this. Just breathe and know that things will be perfectly alright. You both have already embraced your roles as parents for your first kid, you’ll find it surprisingly easy the second time around.

Focus on what you have, instead of what’s missing during your second pregnancy 
In the midst of the initial shock, thoughts such as you’re not ready, the house is too small, you’re not financially strong for another child and so on, will keep racing through your head. This can throw you off and stress you out which won’t really help anyone. The best way forward? Focus on what you have: a partner you can trust, a steady source of income, the absolute joy of watching your firstborn be an older sibling to the new baby, and your growing family as the stepping stone for a life you always dreamed of.

Take stock of your resources for your second pregnancy 
It’s easy to worry about finances because that’s the only thing everyone keeps talking about. If you think about it, keeping your finances afloat to support the new baby is actually easier. You save up a lot on supplies such as diapers, milk bottles, pacifiers, toys, clothes, nursery etc. for the second child, since you already have those around from the firstborn. Schools also are known to provide a concession in fees for the second child, if their sibling already goes there. If you’ve got a healthcare policy that covered maternity medical expenses during the first pregnancy, then check if that can come in handy this time too. You may have to give up on some of your indulgences to save more money, but with time, you’ll be able to make room for those again too.

Seek help during your second pregnancy 
Don’t hesitate to accept help from extended family, friends and loved ones. A lot of relatives and friends will be more than happy to give you clothes and toys of their kids. It could save you a mountain of expenses. But material support is not the only thing. It’s completely normal to feel nervous, lost and anxious during this time. And friends and family who have been in a similar position can actually offer some valuable insight and support that’ll keep you going.

Talk to parents who’ve been there in the second pregnancy phase
You don’t have to navigate in the dark, all by yourselves. Unexpected second pregnancies are more common than you think! There are plenty of parents out there who managed a surprise pregnancy just fine and emerged victorious. Many of these might actually be in your network! Reach out to them, talk to them about your fears, have your questions answered. Every parent has their own unique way of raising their family, and you might learn something extremely helpful.

It’s normal to not feel excited, and have mixed feelings throughout the pregnancy. The magic happens when this little surprise is born, and you realize you’ve created a miracle yet again! Make the most of your little family. Remember, you and your partner are in this together. But, don’t forget to ask help from loved ones when you feel like you need it. Got more questions? Ask us in the comments!

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