6 professions best suited for parent life


As a parent, you may often imagine your dream job when you close your eyes. This dream job may include paid leaves which gives you time to spend with your kids without having to worry about any financial stresses. Hopefully this dream job gives you a second chance to continue doing the same work while sitting comfortably with a cup of coffee, as you were doing before parenthood.

6 great job options for parents are listed below -

1. School teachers :

Parents are the first teachers for their kids. Presently, there is a high demand for teachers and parents can choose this career as they already have experience raising their own kids. For parents that cannot find a good day care facility for their kids, this is the best career option since they can be close to their children when they’re at work. A school teacher job also ensures holidays at every festival, and in the long summer vacation, so that you can enjoy your vacation with your children.

2. Web developers :

Nowadays, web development is a good career choice for parents as the possibility to work distantly has increased tremendously and is expected to grow even further. Web development as a career choice allows you to work from home, and this can be very helpful when your child needs your help at home, or when the child is sick. The work of a web developer is to build websites according to their client’s needs. Identifying the needs of the client and using your perception is the greatest asset in web development.

3. Medical assistants :

Being a parent you may have some basic knowledge about medical care, health and safety. This knowledge may have come from monitoring your kids fever, or from treating an injured nose, or other wounded parts of the body. If you want more career stability with time, you can opt for a healthcare profession as a medical assistant.

4. Human resources (HR) specialists :

The major challenge of a HR specialist is to move the day forward while accommodating someone else’s feelings too. For example, remember the time when your child was crying, and you also had to go out at that same time,and you were pressured to manage both things simultaneously. Like parents, a HR specialist should be efficient, responsible and understanding. If you enjoy working and communicating with different types of people, then you can consider HR as a good career option.

5. Real estate agents :

Real estate agents help customers sell, buy, and rent properties. They have a list of properties available in the market, and showcase these to buyers, and even handle all the formalities and negotiations of the purchase. This profession involves having a lot of awareness about the housing market. As a parent, you can have a better work-life balance in this profession since you can be at home whenever your child needs you. Controlling your work plan and choosing to work from home is the best part of this job.

6. Graphic designers :

Graphic designers are very creative and make visuals that attract customers.Graphic designers can design a variety of things,ranging from labels to pictures for any brand identity using software according to their client’s need. Like web development, a graphic designer career is also a great career option for parents as it is highly customizable, from full time, part time or as a freelance job. Time management, creativity, and the capability to convince the client with your designs are the three main skills required for this job. 


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