5 Reasons to Love your 'Mom' Body

Reasons to love moms body

Pregnancy can wreak havoc on the mom's body and it can take a lot of time and effort to bring it back to what it used to be. During this time, confidence can take a hit and you may start to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. But you don't have to.

We list down some reasons why you should appreciate and admire your post-pregnancy body, even if it no longer looks and feels the same.

1.Your imperfections are a constant reminder you did something awesome

Whether it’s your stretch marks, pregnancy scar or that postpartum fat – all these things are regular reminders of the amazing miracle you and your partner created and you carried in your body for nine months! You were a home to a tiny human, your body made room for it, nourished it and protected it, while also taking care of itself. And now it continues to nourish and protect this little angel. Isn’t that something amazing to cherish every single day?

2.Your child/children see you as a hero, because you are!

Your baby doesn’t care if you’re squishy, or have permanent stretch marks or that you’re a few sizes larger than you used to be. It still loves you unconditionally, looks up to you for everything, and considers you as its prime source of love, comfort and security. You are your child’s hero, and as a parent, there’s almost nothing else that’s more important.

3.You’ve learnt the balance between being healthy and indulgent

Pregnancy and nursing your baby have taught you the importance of developing healthy habits. But it’s also taught you to let go a bit. You’ve learnt to strike that fine balance between having a healthy lifestyle and indulging in your favourite treats every now and then! This perspective extends to other aspects of your life too, especially when you’re raising children! You accept that your kids won’t eat healthy veggies all the time, the house won’t be in perfect condition every day and so on!  

4.Motherhood gives you a new set of skills

You’ve now developed superhero skills such as sharp instincts with regard to your children, knowing exactly what your child is trying to say even when they’re struggling to communicate, and the ability to multitask smoothly like you’ve been doing it all your life! It also makes you fierce and fearless – you endured pregnancy, carried and nurtured a child; nothing is impossible for you!

5.Your child is learning from you

Even when they are tiny and can hardly string a sentence together, children are constantly watching and learning. And since you’re the centre of their universe, everything that they will know and learn will come from you. This includes your feelings towards your own body, how you treat it and how you look at it. Not appreciating and wholly embracing your body teaches your children a similar lesson. Give your body all the respect and love it deserves. Embrace the imperfections. Treat yourself well. Be confident in everything you do and your kids will grow up doing the same. And what a treat it is to watch your kids be self-confident little humans, comfortable in their own skin!

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Understand that being strong and healthy is more important than matching what you see on TV. And remember, some aspects of your body may never go back to what it was before pregnancy, and that’s okay! Don’t hesitate to talk to other moms, a loved oneor a therapist if you feel your confidence taking a hit all the time. Go, rock your mom-body!


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