Returning back to work after your second pregnancy

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The role of the second child in a woman’s career is very well-known. According to studies, only 50% of women are able to return back to work after their second child,whereas as many as 75% return to work after their first child. This proves that it is very difficult for a woman to balance work and life with two small children, because they add a lot of extra stress in both home and the work place. Here are five ways in which you can manage your career with both your children on board:

1. Create a calendar that everyone can access

A family calendar is a great way of managing a busy family and it is particularly helpful for those families who have small children going to school. If you forget any appointments, and you are not able to make plans for your family time or dates, you will feel very disturbed and angry. Proper planning happens if every family member makes a record of their class hours, work schedules, activities, appointments, one common place so that every member of the family can read everyone’s schedule and make better time and schedule management for the entire family. You can download calendar apps in your phones or other devices. Many of these apps have features such as to-do lists, and reminder notes which can be helpful for you and your family.

2. Keep the big one close

Your elder kid can and will take care of their younger sibling if you are busy with some work, hence try to involve them with each other. Talk to your elder kid by sitting near the smaller baby if your elder kid is not physically involved in caring for your baby. That way the elder kid can see and learn what mommy does or how she takes care of the smaller baby. Either give them some games to play together, or give them some activities to do together.

3. Use as many time saving ideas as you can

Schools and offices may take your maximum time each day and you cannot do anything about this. You may always want to spend more time with your family members because of your busy schedule. Daily chores such as cleaning the house, preparing meals daily, time spent in driving, and replying to emails are all activities which utilize your time. Asking for others to help, or hiring someone is always a good idea.

• Some meals prepared on weekends can be kept frozen for consuming on weekdays after defrosting and heating them.

• Don’t drive; use public transportation so that you can answer emails while traveling.

• Hire cleaning services for your home so that they can clean your home every week keeping you free for other things, even if to save your energy.

• If you have to take your child for any extracurricular activities, ask for help from your family members or friends, neighbors etc.

4. Keep your energy levels high and maximize your mommy-brain power

If you are both emotionally and physically tired, you cannot perform well and you cannot be there for your family members if they need you. Therefore, it is important for you to take care of yourself first.

• Have some breakfast daily, even if only a piece of fruit, or some yogurt so that it can give you energy for the day

• Always eat brain friendly foods such as fatty fish, blueberries, broccoli, dark chocolate, nuts, oranges, eggs, and green tea

• Do some physical activities everyday,such as a little bit of stretching before you sleep

• Get involved in your social life, remember they are also a part of your life outside your family

• Get plenty of sleep

5. Spend time with your partner

You partner will always be by your side, and you must take care of your partner. Arrange small dates and dinners for him, so that both of you can spend some quality time together. As you are busy at work most of the time, your partner may feel neglected and long to spend some quality time with you. Nurturing your relationship will make you and your partner happier, and it will bring the same excitement back to your life as you had before marriage and children. If you find going on regular dates expensive in the long run, arrange night dates in your home only by cooking your favorite food and enjoying each other’s company.


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