Romantic Ideas for Pregnant Couples

Romantic Ideas for Pregnant Couples

It's February - the month of love and what’s better day than Valentine’s Day to make your partner feel special. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and now you have a new addition coming your way. Celebrate this day with your partner before you become parents. Here are some date ideas for this Valentine’s Day to spend some quality time with your partner.

Valentine’s Day Romantic Ideas for Pregnant Couples -

1. Couple’s Yoga Classes – The moment you received good news, your whole time must have gone in pregnancy planning. Take this time off and relax with your partner. Go to couple’s yoga classes and forget about all the chaos of baby planning. Yoga during pregnancy is beneficial and allows you to spend your time with your partner.

2. Spa Day – Book yourself an appointment at the best Spa & Wellness Centre and dedicate some time for a pampering session. Make sure they have facilities to accommodate pregnant women to ensure your baby’s safety and your own. You can receive prenatal massage, manicure, pedicure or other spa and massage therapy of your choice.

3. Prepare a Pregnancy Scrapbook – Having a scrapbook to look at all your precious moments of pregnancy, from the time of conception to the time of your baby’s delivery, will bring a smile to your face after delivery. Document your special moments such as getting positive pregnancy kit test results, breaking the good news to your partner, decorating your baby’s room. Put photos and write short and sweet messages for your baby.

4. Maternity Photoshoot – Pregnancy is an important phase in your life and having this moment documented will make it extra special. Arrange a maternity photoshoot where you can try different poses with different attire. This activity is one of the creative activities you can try this Valentine’s Day with your partner.

5. Shop for Yourself and Your Baby – Retail therapy is the best therapy. Go shopping with your partner and buy clothes for your baby and yourself. From buying new clothes to nursery furniture and redecorating your closet, you can go shopping with your partner for your baby and you.

6. Movie and Dinner Date – You can either go out for a movie and dinner date or dress comfortably in your PJs. Watch a movie and have dinner in the comfort of your home. Build a pillow fort, wear your stretchy pants and tune in to your favourite movie.

7. Plan your Baby’s Name and Decorate the Nursery – As you have enough time from the moment you take the pregnancy test kit till the delivery, your partner and you can think of ways to decorate your baby’s nursery. You can add cartoon characters, toys and paint the room with chemical-free paints so that it’s not hazardous for the baby. There’s always funny banter when it comes to baby names. You can take this time and select your baby names with your partner.

Don't let being pregnant stop you from having fun on Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the ideas where you can spend quality time with your partner this Valentine’s Day. Remember to always consult your doctor in case of any discomfort. They will advise you better and guide you to have a healthy and safe pregnancy.


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