Second pregnancy recovery myths and facts

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Once you tell someone you are pregnant again, a ton of advice will begin coming your way. Friends, family members, neighbors, and even strangers will also offer you some advice or the other. Although they all mean well, we Indians are naturally inclined to have speculative beliefs and superstitions that we have heard coming down from generations. You are more likely to be in a different situation in your second pregnancy, than you were in your first pregnancy since you will not be having as much time or tolerance, as you had in your first pregnancy since you already have a kid to look after. The lists of myths are many, but here a few myths and facts you can read about, to know better and have a safer happier pregnancy the second time around:

Myth 1

Weight will reduce quickly after the delivery of your second baby


Reducing weight after your second pregnancy depends on your Pre-pregnancy weight, or how many extra kilograms you have put on after you delivered your first baby. Losing the weight gained may also depend on genes, your diet, age, activity levels, and the amount of weight gained during your second pregnancy. So it is not a given that your weight will automatically reduce soon after the delivery of your second baby, but if you are dedicated and commit yourself to lose those extra kilograms and workout, you will get the desired results. It normally takes almost 10 months to two years to return to the same weight as you were before pregnancy. In some cases, mothers may drop their weight easily and quickly, so it can be said that the weight-loss experience is different for everyone.

Myth 2 -

Giving birth to the second baby will be more complicated


Your second delivery is really not a valid concern since you already have an idea of how to give birth. If you have taken the proper care of your body, and have done everything right during the entire pregnancy period; there will be lesser chances of complications.Even though there is no guarantee of fewer or no complications, there is however no point of worrying either. So relax, and enjoy the process with a confident and bolder mind set.

Myth 3

You will experience the same delivery process as was with your first baby

Fact -

No delivery process of any baby can ever be compared to the previous delivery.Irrespective of whether your labor in the first delivery was easy or difficult, the labor experience in your second delivery may be either easy or difficult. You can never really predict how the baby plans to enter this world. So you just have to sit, relax and wait for the labor to happen. It sounds easy, right? But you already know that it is tough, so be prepared.

Myth 4 -

The second baby will be born earlier

Fact -

Will your second delivery be early,late or timely?You can never control the timing of your delivery. No one can actually predict about what is really going to happen. You can never plan the date of naturally delivering your baby as this is not in your hands. You can only get a tentative date for the delivery of your baby and not the exact date.  


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