9 Secret Fertility-Killers You Need to Know about Right Now

fertility killers

When you and your partner decide to have a baby, you leave no stone unturned in boosting your chances of a successful conception. But with the growing demands and pressures of an urban life, many couples still struggle with conceiving. Low fertility levels are often the reason. Chances are, you don’t even realise that some of the regular, seemingly normal objects and habits could be impeding your fertility.

We’ve put down a list of the secret fertility-killers.

1. Fertility Killers - Lubricants

Water-based lubricants get absorbed by sperms, which in turn hampers its ability to reach the eggs in time. Similarly, petroleum-based lubricants disturb the Ph levels in the vagina, which kills the sperms. Saliva is also spermicidal in nature. On the contrary, peanut oil and baby oil work well without harming the sperms. Consult with your doctor on more safe alternatives to use when you’re trying to conceive.

2. Fertility Killers - Antidepressants

While there aren’t any studies proving the effect of antidepressants on fertility in women, they have been found to affect male fertility. Certain antidepressants affect libido, which directly hampers your sex life. Continual use of antidepressants can cause erectile dysfunction, abnormal sperm productionand problems with ejaculation. When you visit your doctor for a pre-conception consult, make sure you discuss your medication in detail.

3. Fertility Killers - Your workout routine

This sounds downright crazy, doesn’t it? Well, turns out that there is such a thing as too much exercise and it might be ruining your chances of pregnancy. Ladies, if you’re at a normal weight, excessive exercise can throw your hormone levels out of balance and affect your menstrual cycle. Throw a low-calorie diet in the mix and you could stop ovulating entirely. Map your exercise and diet plan based on your weight and health requirements, instead of fads and trends.

4. Fertility Killers - Working late nights

A Harvard University study has revealed that women who work night shifts are at a greater risk of infertility problems. Working through the night disturbs the circadian cycle (a cycle that tells your body when to sleep, wake up, eat, etc.) which can harm production of eggs.

5. Fertility Killers - Heavy lifting

Whether it’s in the gym or as a part of your job, work that involves heavy lifting has been found to damage fertility in women. The physical stress caused by prolonged heavy lifting impacts the body’s ability to produce eggs, in terms of quality as well as quantity.

6. Fertility Killers - Artificial light

For long, scientists and researchers have maintained that light from mobiles, laptops and TV screens not only damage the eyes but also get in the way of a restful sleep. The hormone that helps us fall asleep is also the hormone that protects the eggs. The more you expose yourself toelectronic screens during bedtime, the more damage is caused to the eggs and your fertility at large.

7. Fertility Killers - Gum disease

Not many are aware of the connection between gum disease and fertility. But, the inflammation caused by gum diseases spreads via blood circulation and causes severe damage to the reproductive system. Studies have proven that women with gum diseases take anywhere between two and twelve months longer to conceive than women with healthy gums. So, ladies, remember to maintain oral hygiene at all times!

8. Fertility Killers - Household products

Household products made of plastic contain synthetic chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates not only affect fertility in both men and women, they also increase the risk of miscarriage in women. Continual exposure to this via plastic bottles, nail polish, shampoo and deodorant, vinyl fittings, building materials, adhesives, canned foods can hurt your chances of conception. Research your cosmetics and toiletries carefully, and use only BPA-free plastic bottles, containers and pipes.

9. Fertility Killers - Second-hand smoke

Just because you don’t smoke, doesn’t mean you’re completely free from the harmful effects of smoking. Second-hand smoke is just as harmful to your fertility. If you happen to spend too much time in the company of people who smoke around you, perhaps it’s time to stop or cut back entirely.  
A little bit of proactiveness can go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy a healthy conception. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!


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