Signs and Symptoms of Second Pregnancy

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Although the pregnancy symptoms are very common, no two pregnancies are ever the same. So the signs and symptoms of your second pregnancy are going to be a little different from the first one. The second time around, some women may notice the symptoms earlier than before. For some it the signs of pregnancy may be more or less in intensity than the first pregnancy. 

Let us break this down further for you in this quick read. Here are some common signs and symptoms of second pregnancy:

1. Tender breasts:

This is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy and you can experience this as early as two weeks from conception. The breasts generally become very tender to touch, sore and little painful too. The pigmented area around the nipples tend to become dark as well.

2. Fatigue:

During the second pregnancy it is observed that a woman tends to feel more tired and exhausted than the first one. This is simply because she doesn’t get that much time to rest, because of an energetic child around. But fatigue as a sign of pregnancy can occur right after the first week of conception. 

3. Weight gain:

The weight gain around the belly starts happening earlier than it did in the first pregnancy. This is because the abdominal muscles have already been stretched before and the uterus is accustomed from the first pregnancy. This weight gain can start increasing rapidly right from the moment you conceive. 

4. Morning sickness:

Similar to the first pregnancy, morning sickness is going to be by your side the second time as well. It usually happens two week from conception. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headache are all a part of morning sickness. But again, it varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. So it won’t be exactly the way it was for during your first pregnancy. 

5. Spotting:

A woman may experience spotting along with mild cramps, six to 12 days after conceiving. This symptom can often be confused with an impending period, however, the bleeding is lighter and won’t last that long. This happens when the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. Spotting is a very common sign of second pregnancy and can be experience in the first pregnancy as well.

6. Headaches:

Women mostly overlook this sign of pregnancy, considering it to be just another hectic day. But sudden headaches are generally caused due to the changes in hormones levels shortly after conception. A lot of women also complain of having headaches at the same time every day. So watch out for this sign, ladies!

7. Increased body temperature:

The basal body temperature, that is taken the first thing in the morning, is slightly higher than your normal body temperature. If the basal temperature remains elevated for two weeks or past your missed period, then you’re pregnant.

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Do you know of any more signs and symptoms of second pregnancy? Share it in the comments below!


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