4 Signs You Are Ready For A Second Baby

second baby

Secure job, stable marriage and a cute little baby – all in that exact order, are usually what society expects out of almost everyone. However, life is a little more complicated than that, and you definitely can’t live it by a checklist handed to you by someone else! This is especially true when it comes to pregnancy and having a baby. You’re making a lifelong commitment to raise another human being, and in this regard, you need to make sure you’re ready – not just financially and physically, but in every other aspect. And you need to do this much before the pregnancy and even before you start trying to conceive. So, how do you know if you’re ready to become parents? Watch out for these signs.

1st sign you are ready for a Second baby - You are perfectly secure in your relationship

Always remember this when you’re trying to conceive – a pregnancy and a baby will not magically solve your marital problems. Before you and your partner embrace parenthood, make sure your relationship with each other is on track. Clear out the jarring differences that keep coming up every now and then, listen to each other’s needs and insecurities, and address these issues thoroughly. Have an honest, open conversation about what causes friction and how you can fix it together, so that it doesn’t affect the emotional well-being of the baby.

2nd sign you are ready for a Second baby - You and your partner make a great team

At the end of the day, like marriage, parenthood too is a team effort. Raising a child can be immensely stressful and the craziest rollercoaster ride of your life. The one thing that makes this journey simpler and worthwhile is having your partner right next to you, working with you in perfect harmony. You both agree on a specific set of values with which to raise a child, you both support each other – as individuals, partners and parents, and you have each other’s backs even in times you don’t agree with each other. All of these qualities make parenting a much more rewarding experience than it already is.  

3rd sign you are ready for a Second baby - You are perfectly secure in your career

If you’re still at a point in your life where you think your career needs more attention, or are still working towards getting to that position you’ve been eyeing for a while now, having a baby may not be such a prudent thought. Your career and your baby are important aspects of your life, and neither should be affected by the other. If you’re chasing a specific figure on your pay check, you will obviously be required to invest a lot of your time, effort and energy in your job. This hardly leaves room for the baby, who will require 100% of your time and attention. Maybe take things one step at a time? Reach a comfortable spot in your career, and once you’re sailing smoothly, it’s time for Plan B (B for baby)!

4th sign you are ready for a Second baby - You are willing to sacrifice your own luxuries for your baby

Sacrifice is the basic essence of parenting. And it comes from a place of selfless love. That is why giving up your own wants and luxuries to make room for a tiny human doesn’t feel like a burden to you. As soon as you become a parent, you may have to give up on the late-night partying, impromptu shopping sprees, unhealthy lifestyle and toxic habits. If you don’t feel anxious, burdened or resentful about having to make these adjustments, you are ready to be a parent!
How many of these signs did you identify with? Have questions related to parenthood you want us to answer? Drop them all in the comments below!


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