Six exercises that can help you cope with the stress of pregnancy

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Sleep is necessary for your healthy mind and a healthy pregnancy. When you feel exhausted or tired, take rest or go to bed. So, when you want a break, avoid doing household chores and ask your family members or your partner to look after your kid for few hours. Take some time out for yourself, as this good for relaxation of both you and your baby. Your voice can be heard by your baby from around 23 weeks, so you can start talking to your baby bump. This is one of the best ways to connect with your baby and feel optimistic about your pregnancy. Here are some exercises that can help you cope with the stress of pregnancy:

Please consult your gynecologist about pregnancy safe exercises before trying any of these.

1. Lamaze

The Lamaze technique, or simply Lamaze is a prepared childbirth technique popularized in the 1950s that has become a trendy method of getting knowledge all about pregnancy, birthing, and parenting. The goal of Lamaze is to increase a mother's confidence in her ability to give birth through classes that help pregnant women understand how to cope with pain, that facilitate easy labor while promoting comfort, via relaxation techniques, movement and massage. Techniques taught include breathing techniques, movement and positions, use of a yoga ball, hot and cold packs, aromatherapy, spontaneous pushing to allow labor to begin on its own, and breastfeeding techniques.

2. Walking

Walking is the simplest form of exercise you can try without even consulting a doctor. Just buy a pair of comfortable sneakers and plan your walking workout. You can schedule a walk right from the beginning of pregnancy to the date of delivery. Walking may also relieve your stress as you get some time to concentrate on your baby.

3. Swimming

Swimming is the safest exercise during pregnancy. Despite your big baby bump, water will always give you some relief in your pregnancy in the later stages as it improves the blood circulation. Put your limbs in water that push fluids from tissues into your veins (where it is transferred to your kidneys and then passes through the urine). This relieves yours ankle and foot swelling.

4. Group dance or aerobics classes

If you want to start exercising for the first time, you can opt for a group dance or group aerobics as this may lift your mood, and you can get the chance of meeting other moms-to-be during your sessions. Group dance or group aerobics can also raise your heart rate, and make the flow of hormones easier.However, be cautious as your baby bump increases, and avoid jumping high, and engaging in activities that need extra care and extra balance.

5. Indoor cycling

Indoor cycling or spinning is one of the safest options for exercising during pregnancy since you can do it in the leisure of your home at your own speed. Indoor cycling has a minimum risk of falling, or putting unwanted weight on your ankles and knee joints. If are doing indoor cycling with an instructor, make sure that the instructor knows that you are expecting. If you feel exhausted, take a break from spinning.

6. Pilates exercise

Pilates is an exercise form which requires less force,but contributes to exceptional benefits throughout your pregnancy. Pilates provides flexibility and strength to the body and your mind. Regular practice of Pilates results in strengthening your tummy muscles, reduces back pain, strengthens your pelvic floor, helps to balance your walk with your big baby bump, takes the strain off your back, relaxes and controls your breathing, all of which are important for pregnancy and labor.


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