6 Daily Struggles Only Pregnant Women Will Understand

pregnant women struggles

Any parent will tell you that there’s so much more to pregnancy than spending nine months of pregnancy monitoring the baby belly and morning sickness. Throughout the course of the nine months, the expectant mother undergoes changes that redefine even the simplest and most mundane tasks, putting her whole life into a new perspective. Every day is a new rollercoaster ride that only pregnant women can relate to. Here are some of them!

The following is the list of 6 daily struggles faced by pregnant women:  

1. Strange cravings at strange hours

Ever woken up in the middle of the night with a strong craving for French fries dipped in vanilla ice cream? Pregnancy hormones work some odd magic on the taste buds, giving pregnant ladies some of the most imaginative yet oddly specific cravings at the oddest hours! The only way to pacify it? Send the hubby dearest to the nearest store in his jammies to fetch your inventive snack!

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2. Uncontrollable mood swings

One minute you’re laughing at something hilarious, the next minute you’re crying buckets for reasons even you can’t figure! You might’ve never imagined a day where your favourite song could make you so, so angry. Welcome to the emotional disco of pregnancy!

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3. The heartbreak of your favourite clothes no longer fitting you

Imagine the heartbreak of not being able to fit into that cute dress anymore! Carrying a baby in your body requires necessary weight gain to provide for the baby as well as give you the required strength and energy. But that also means making more room in your wardrobe for elasticated pyjamas, while you keep wishing you manage to fit back into that dress once the baby is here!

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4. Turning anything into a trash bag

The thing about morning sickness is that it isn’t really limited to the mornings alone. You never know when the wave of nausea will hit you, and so you’re forced to get really creative with what will become your trash bag in the absence of a toilet or basin!

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5. When the stretch begins...

Watching your body grow in every direction, leaving stretch marks all over your belly and thighs, isn’t the easiest thing to do.While most marks fade, some of these stretch marks are stubborn. If you ask us, own them with pride! They’re a mark of the amazing miracle of life!

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6. Trying not to scream at unsolicited advice and comments

What you should and shouldn’t be eating, what you should be wearing, how much sex you should be having, how to raise your baby, how to eat – the unsolicited advice never really stops. Friends, family and even strangers will feign concern and patronise you with useless information that you never really asked for! Take deep breaths, smile, wave and move on without paying anyone any attention. You do you!

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As overwhelming and nerve-wracking as these may feel, remember that it’ll pass soon enough, and all will be forgotten once your darling little baby is born! Remember to take care of yourself in a way that works best for you. Listen to your gynaecologist’s / obstetrician advice. And don’t stress over things that don’t matter in the long run. All the best!


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