How to Take Care of Your New Born this Winter Season

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As beautiful as winter can be, it calls for prioritizing your newborn’s health along with yours. It’s an amazing time for a mother and her new-born to enjoy, including things such as dressing up the baby in warm and cute clothes. But this experience can easily be marred if the baby falls sick unexpectedly. Taking care of your new-born during their first winter is a very important and challenging task which every parent has to face. Here are a few tips to ensure that your baby's first winter is memorable and pleasant:

1. Massage your baby:

Research has shown that a good massage stimulates blood flow and relaxes the muscles. Massaging your baby with natural oil will not only help increase the blood flow (which in turn will keep the body naturally warm) but also keep the skin of the infant from getting dry. Warm oil will feel soothing to the baby. However, ensure that it's not too hot before application.

2. Breastfeed:

It's a well-known fact that mother's milk is abundant in nutrients and antibodies which keeps the baby's immunity levels high. A baby who has been breast-fed continuously and consistently has a better chance of going through the winter without any problems. Your body has the ability to build antibodies against the viruses. And with breast-feeding, you provide your baby with these defenses in a natural way. Added benefit to this, is that holding your baby close to you naturally keeps them warm and comfortable. 

3. Buy comfortable and appropriate clothing:

Going overboard and draping your baby with more than required clothes is a common mistake amongst first time parents. It not only makes your infant extremely uncomfortable but also results in sweating and unnecessary dehydration. Choosing the right set of clothes according to the situation which is a balance of comfort and protection is a must. A warm room may not require a thick sweater but heading out early in the morning or at night will need for the baby to be well-covered.

4. Keep your room warm:

It's such a basic thing that sometimes parents tend to overlook it. Maintaining a room with a warm temperature is imperative, especially if you live in places where the temperature is known to drop. Also, invest in a humidifier to make sure that the room doesn't get dry due to the heater. A child's skin is easily susceptible to dryness and maintaining an environment that prevents it is necessary.

5. Vaccination:

While vaccination today is shrouded in debate, it is recommended to get your baby vaccinated according to schedule. Winter time is when the body needs all the help it can get to fight the viruses present in the atmosphere and getting vaccinated is going to help your baby in both the long and the short run. Sticking to your doctor's schedule will help your child build a good immune system. 

The first winter for a new-born can be an exciting and fun-filled experience! Following these tips will help you avoid all the pitfalls that may mar this time and can help build memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!
If there are any tips that you’d like to give our fellow readers, or are looking for something more yourself, comment below and let’s talk!


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