How to Take Care of Your Pregnancy in the Winter Season

Winter season is a mixed bag of goodies! While it makes drinking frothy hot coffee or chocolate on a cold winter morning a delightful experience, it does come with its share of challenges. And if you're pregnant this may not be your favorite season. Aches and pains due to the biting air along with cold and cough infections may stress an expectant mother out. But there’s no need to worry! Here are some helpful tips for you to have a safe pregnancy during winter: 

1. Stay hydrated:

It's very important that you keep yourself well hydrated during the cold season. As we sweat less, the thirst signals during winters aren't as active as compared to summers which may lead to consuming less water. Drinking lots of water, fruit juices and healthy liquids will help you keep winter illnesses at bay. So don't forget to have a gulp some every now and then!

2. Don't forget to moisturize:

Winters are notorious for wreaking havoc on the skin. It’s going to be left dry and itchy if you don't moisturize it religiously. A warm bath followed by a nice generous slathering of moisturizer is important during this time. A change in the hormone level may lead to increased dryness and sensitivity and which gives you all the more reason to keep your skin well hydrated. 

3. Exercise:

While the urge to remain snuggled up in a warm cozy blanket is over-powering, getting a good work-out is beneficial for both you and your baby. Especially during winter, a good stretch will help mobilize your joints and muscles and reduce the risk of pains. Working out also keeps your immunity levels high and in a season where the common cold is rampant, this can be very important. Selecting a warmer time of the day will help in shaking off that cozy blanket and get that blood circulation going!

4. Warm and comfortable clothing:

A good investment during the winter season would be some long, warm and snuggly clothing. Ensuring that you are well-covered from the chilled winter air may seem very basic but is often overlooked. Look for a material that not only keeps you warm but also is comfortable to be worn for long periods of time.

5. Immunity boosting supplements:

Consult your doctor for a good dose of immunity supplements that can be consumed during pregnancy. Winter time is when your immunity is quite low and it's very important that we protect ourselves from common cold and flu which is persistent in the air. While exercising and staying fit is the normal way to go, an extra lift from immunity-boosting supplements can go a long way for protecting a pregnant lady from these common nuisances.

In conclusion, winters can be a time of harsh and gloomy weather but it's also a time of merriment, joy, and laughter. It's a time to stay in with your loved ones, get cozy under the same blanket, cook up a storm and sleep in till the warm sun wakes you up. Just follow these few tips and a winter pregnancy might just turn out to be an enjoyable and delightful experience for you!

If you have any tips that you’d like to share with the community, comment below and let’s talk!


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