The truth about being a working mom: Handling work-life balance

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Working moms, particularly those who are getting good career opportunities often face some difficulties in handling their work life balance, but they can also manage this responsibility very easily. Working moms also get the ability of making her name in society as well as becoming financially independent.

Here are some of the truths about being a working mom :

Hardships will occur -

It may be difficult for you to have kids and a good career at the same time. Every morning you will have to get up early, make your kids ready for day care, take them to the day care, and then only can you think about and make time for your work. When you are busy in your office rather than feel sad and guilty, you can often feel happier if you think that your kids may be playing at home with a caretaker or family member even if they aren’t.

Prepare to be judged by society -

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible for any person not to be judged by the society for doing anything. Society’s judgment also applies in the case of parenting and motherhood without any exception. Society most frequently makes judgment about mothers being hard and cruel because every person in society has a different view for the correct bringing up of the child.

Sick children will affect you -

If your kid falls sick, you may have to take leave from your work, pick them from school or daycare, and then take good care of them and stay with them till they are fine. Regular absenteeism could jeopardize your career prospects.

These are some tips for you in handling work - life balance.

Don’t feel guilty -

Don’t feel guilty that you have left your child alone; think that by being employed in your job you are helping your family financially. You are also making money for your child’s future, so that maybe in the future you can afford to give your child the best education, provide them with best classes and you can also save money for their higher education.

Seek good childcare -

You should find a good daycare for your child. You can take help from your friends and family members to get some references of nannies, babysitters, and daycare centers. Make a list of those certain things which are important for your child, and then take interviews of some qualified childcare providers or you can visit your local daycare centers. A good daycare should have no time limits, have an outdoor space for children to play, not have too many teachers and children, their permits and licenses should be up-to-date, and all the background of all the employees working in the daycare should be checked.

Easier mornings -

You should not start your morning being stressed out, and therefore you should plan better and arrange most things in the prior night itself. In the night, you should plan and decide for the next day as to what you have to make for breakfast, organize all the bags such as, diaper bag, backpacks, purses, and work bags. In the morning you should only pack lunch for your kids, take out the clothes which you and your kids will wear, bath your kids and get them ready. Work bags should be kept near the door, right next to your keys, so that even in a hurry you can take them and lock the door quickly.

Organize a family calendar -

Make a list of everything that is important for your family. Family calendars can have dates about pending bills. Make a chore chart for kids so that they can track and organize their house work, make a list of events in schools, and plan events better for your family such as birthdays, extracurricular activities etc.

Connect with your child during the day time -

Even when you are working, stay connected with your child. If you have a small kid, then you can record some messages in your voice, or you can sing a song or make a video for your child, so that the child can hear and/or see you in your absence also. You can also record your voice when reading a book to your child. You can hang your and your partner’s picture on the wall near the kid so that the kid can see your face. Call your child when you have breaks at work. By hearing your child’s voice, you will feel emotional and happy, and your child will feel comfortable after listening to your voice, sensing that you are nearby.

Reduce distractions and time wasting -

Set time limits for doing your work, because you can do some work such as checking email or making phone calls when your child is asleep. When you are spending time with your children, you should not try to do multitasking work. Even in your work place, don’t waste time in talking to your co-workers etc. Focus on your work tasks and try to complete them on time so that you don’t have to stay in the office longer and do overtime.

Family activities -

If you are short of time, indulge in common activities such as make your family have breakfast together or involve them in some board games, and enjoy a movie with them at home only. When you are going out with your family, don’t talk about topics related to your work, and or don't check your phone constantly. Focus exclusively on your kids, ask them about their friends, their classes, their hobbies etc.  


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