The Most Uncomfortable Things about Pregnancy No One Warns You About

  • January 16, 2018
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Pregnancy doesn't just mean steady weight gain, random food cravings and hormonal mood swings! While your body is busy making room for a tiny but fast-growing human, your life is turning around in full swing. While some changes are obvious, a lot of the changes you’ll be noticing during this time will spring up as a total surprise. Here are some things no one will have warned you about being pregnant.

1. More facial hair
Blame it on the hormones! The sudden spurt in pregnancy hormones causes a whole lot of reactions and absurd developments in your body, one of them is to make your hair grow at a super-fast pace, especially on your face. In fact, you’ll even notice hair growing in places where you never noticed hair growth before. It’s nothing to be freaked out about. This is a completely normal symptom of pregnancy and will go away once the baby is born and your hormone levels come back to normal.

2. Uncontrollable drooling
It could be the raging hormones, but your body starts producing more and more saliva during pregnancy. As a result, you’ve developed a new and not so pleasant habit while sleeping i.e. drooling. Sometimes, you’ll end up doing this even when you’re awake. While you can’t control this, you can definitely maintain some oral hygiene. So, make sure you brush before bedtime and use a mouthwash!

3. A lot of loud burping
While on one hand you’re basking in that pregnancy glow, on the other hand you’re constantly burping, and very loudly at that. This is one of the side effects of all the gas you’re experiencing during this time. A spike in hormone levels along with the baby’s growing size putting more pressure on your intestines is what causes this to happen. While there’s not much you can do about this, watch what you eat and drink. Avoid spicy, heavy foods and fizzy drinks.

4. Painful kicks 
One of the most exhilarating experiences of pregnancy is that moment you experience your baby’s little kicks. However, what no one really talks about is the sharp and painful kicks you will experience in your vagina when your baby is repositioning itself in your uterus. Another reason for this could be that your body is preparing for delivery by practicing contraction movements. Either way, you may feel like the wind just got knocked out of you! Don’t be scared though, as this phenomenon is completely natural and happens to every expectant mother. Just take deep breaths and try to relax.

5. Swelling in the vagina
As you move further along into your pregnancy, you may notice that your vagina has swollen up and feels tender or sore. Your body is producing more blood now, and most of it is directed downwards towards the baby. Invariably, the increased blood flow reaches your vagina too, causing it to feel bigger than before and more tender. While this doesn’t happen to everyone, if it happens to you, don’t worry about it. It’ll subside as the baby’s born and the blood flow and hormone levels are coming back to normal.

6. Involuntary leaking
The constant urge to pee will have, by now, become a regular aspect of your life. What takes it to the next level is how little bladder control you have left anymore! Every time you sneeze, cough, vomit or laugh, you’re going to end up peeing a little. Even in public places! Our advice? Invest in a few pairs of dark coloured pants, mini-pads and a panty liner, and embrace this temporary loss of bladder control with a good sense of humour.

Be patient and take things in your stride. All these symptoms are tiny inconveniences in front of the amazing miracle you and your partner have created together!

Experienced mommies, what are some of the surprise symptoms you encountered during your pregnancy? Tell us in the comments!

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