Things pregnant moms want their partners to understand


A lot of hormonal changes take place in a pregnant woman’s life during her pregnancy. Pregnant women face a lot of emotional challenges during this time; and have unusual mood swings. It is obvious that during pregnancy, pregnant women look towards their partner for their love and support. They also want their partner to do certain things for them which can make them happier. During the first and last three months of pregnancy, it may be very difficult to handle a pregnant woman’s mood swings due to hormonal changes.

If a woman is pregnant for the first time, she will be scared because she may not know many things about pregnancy. This is the time when you may see a pregnant woman worried about her baby, health of her baby and her relationship with her partner. Only a partner with patience can handle her in this situation. Here is a list of certain things that pregnant moms want their partner to understand:

1. Changes in their eating habits

Food has a very essential role during the nine months of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the demand of the body also increases; therefore a pregnant woman will frequently feel hungry. Some women have the fear of gaining weight during pregnancy or may have vomiting tendencies during their pregnancy therefore they may or may not eat. Her partner has to make sure that she eats healthy food, and that she should not avoid eating. A pregnant woman wants her partner to understand that she needs food frequently. When she says she is feeling hungry, provide her some food or at least a healthy snack to satisfy her hunger.

2. Mood swings

Mood swings are very common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. These mood swings may make your partner very stressed. Your partner has no choice besides accepting your mood swings because these mood swings will continue till the delivery of your baby. A pregnant woman will want her partner to manage all situations in a cool and calm way. Pregnant women may not be the same in their sexual behaviors as before, so their partner needs to consider this fact and adjust accordingly. Sexual practices should be discussed with the doctor.

3. Getting fat

All women love to hear when anyone says that they are looking beautiful and slim. However, during pregnancy a woman gains a lot of weight, and looks different. Her partner should understand and accept this change inher body. Her partner should tell her that he loves her the way she is and that he will continue loving her irrespective of her weight gain.

4. She needs pampering

Extreme love and care are two things that pregnant women want from their partner. Her partner should pamper her by massaging her head, cooking her favorite food, getting her small gifts etc. The bonding between the pregnant woman and her partner will also increase with this pampering and their relationship will become stronger.

5. Handle her carefully

A pregnant woman needs to be handled carefully during her pregnancy. Pregnancy may be a very challenging experience for any woman.Her partner should ensure that she should not be allowed to do anything that can harm her and her unborn baby. She should be restricted to do certain activities such as lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs etc. Pregnant moms should also be encouraged to remain active throughout their whole pregnancy. Doing physical activities does not increase the risk of miscarriages, and does not cause low birth-weight babies or preterm birth etc. Please consult your gynecologist for pregnancy safe exercises.   


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