6 Things Pregnant Women Want Their Partners To Know

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As excited and well-prepared as you may be, pregnancy is a journey that can overwhelm even the calmest of people! This is also a time when both partners tend to hold back on communicating their thoughts and emotions in an effort to not further intimidate, worry or scare the other person. Because the mother is already undergoing a lot, to-be dads tend to hold off on communication and try to shield her from anything that would make the situation uncomfortable. However, parenting is all about being out of your comfort zone. And if you want to make it through this smoothly, communication and understanding is crucial.

Here’s a list of 6 Things Pregnant Women Want Their Partners To Know

1. Pregnant Women Want Their Partners To Know -  “I am freaking out too!”

It is exciting to be on this journey of becoming a mother, but it is scary too. The mom is extremely concerned about her pregnancy, constantly analysing and overthinking the worst-case scenarios. But that’s not all –no one can be prepared for life post the baby arrives – the sleepless nights, the relentless crying, the expenses – everything about it is terrifying. So, let’s freak out together. Don’t be afraid to share things with your spouse.

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2. Pregnant Women Want Their Partners To Know - “I know I’m hormonal – you don’t have to say it out loud!”

One minute happy, and the other minute sobbing their eyeballs off –the crazy amounts of hormones needed to grow a baby end up affecting the mood, ability to concentrate, or even make teeny-tiny decisions. Pregnant mommies are fully aware of what’s causing these mood swings, but there’s nothing they can do to avoid it. They’re trying to make the best out of a complicated situation and expect you to do the same! This means not reminding her that her latest outrage or irrational decision is the result of her raging hormones. She doesn’t need you to state the obvious, she needs your support.

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3. Pregnant Women Want Their Partners To Know - “Pamper me, even if I don’t say it out loud”

Pregnancy hormones can leave the mother feeling constantly exhausted, dealing with headaches, random sleep patterns and whatnot. Despite this, their bodies are incredibly strong and capable. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need help. It’s the little things that go a long way – an impromptu back and feet rub, getting her a little gift, just listening to her rant, running her a nice warm bath. Look after her in small and big ways, and she’ll appreciate it so much.

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4. Pregnant Women Want Their Partners To Know - “What if I’m not ready for this?!”

Somewhere amid all the excitement and anticipation, every to-be mother is also worried about her baby and whether she’ll be able to fulfil her role with perfection. As the day of the baby’s arrival nears, this worry gets intensified. Your job is to reassure them by reminding them of their wonderful personality and goodness that makes them perfect for parenthood!

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5. Pregnant Women Want Their Partners To Know - “Our sex life is going to be a rollercoaster ride. Get ready for it!”

Throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, the expecting mother’s hormones are doing their own disco within her body, and her sex drive is one of the things affected by it the most. Some days, you will be in the mood, but she will be too tired, she may fall asleep during foreplay, the smell of your cologne (that she once loved) may now cause a wave of nausea. Other times, she’ll want to have sex all the time, but you may not be in the mood. That’s just the emotional aspect of things. As the baby grows and her body changes, sex can get uncomfortable too. You’re worried you may hurt her and the baby. This can prove to be pretty exhausting, but don’t let it get to you. Go with the flow. It is more important that both of you are comfortable and having fun.

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6. Pregnant Women Want Their Partners To Know - “I know you’re just as nervous”

They know you've worked harder ever since you found out there’s a baby on the way! You spend your time learning all about pregnancy, you do more at home to help, take care of them and make sure the house is ready for the baby. But they also know you’re secretly freaking out too, even if you’d never say it out loud. Know that your partner appreciates you and admires all that you do. Never hold back from having a heart to heart conversation with them.

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Just like you, even your spouse can’t wait to see you be a father and watch your face the first time you hold your baby. As long as you approach your post pregnancy phase as parents together, you will be just fine! Got any questions you’d like to ask us? Drop them in the comments.


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