7 Things No One Tells You About Becoming a Parent

Things you should know about parenting after pregnancy

Right since you saw the home pregnancy test indicate a positive pregnancy result, you’ve been dreaming of your life as a parent. But, no matter how excited and prepared you are, ever so often you’ll end up freaking out because of how clueless you feel! It takes time, patience, and years of knowledge to be comfortable and confident in raising a child. Along the way, you’ll realise things that no one ever told you about being a parent. Here are some of the difficult truths about parenting that you should know of!

1. You’ll be lost in your own little world

You’re going to end up being so absorbed by parenthood that you’ll end up forgetting the outside world exists! When was the last time you could sit by yourself, in front of the TV and catch up on news? Can’t remember, can you? Welcome to the early years of parenting.

2. You may not know what day is it, but you’ll know the entire schedule of your kid’s favourite cartoons

One of the most amazing things about raising a child is that you get to revisit your own childhood days along the way too. You may not know what time of the day it is or whether you paid your phone bill – but you’ll definitely know when your baby’s favourite cartoon is coming on TV! In fact, you may even be more interested in kids’ shows than your kids!

3.Kids are accident-magnets

As parents, we’re always ready to go out of our way to ensure our kid’s safety and well-being. But what no one tells you just how ridiculously accident-prone kids can be! You could baby proof your entire house, monitor every second of your child’s day and they would still find a way to end up fidgeting with something they shouldn’t be near or running into walls or tripping over themselves and falling on their faces. You just have to let it be, as this is what childhood looks like. Just because your child is hurt does not make you a bad parent.

4. The power of cute defeats logic

You’ll find yourself finishing most of your kid’s homework or food or letting them wear three pants together! That’s the power of cute, and sometimes you’ll find it easier to let it win than being a stickler for rules.

5. You’ll be consuming a lot of sugar!

Kids love sugar, and eventually you’ll bow down and get them ice-cream, chocolates and cakes, and while they’re running around on a sugar rush you’ll sit down and finish those leftover sugar-filled treats that you once wouldn’t even dare to touch.

6.You’ll begin behaving like your parent!

Always in a rush, out of breath, hopping from one errand to another and yelling at whoever is willing to listen to clean up after themselves – you never thought the day would come when you would start sounding and acting exactly like your parents. You may think you’re going crazy, but rest assured, just like your parents did a great job raising you, you too will do a marvellous job raising your kids!

7. You may not always do a great job

Here’s the thing – you’re human, as is your kid. There will be times when you just won’t have everything under control – your child will be throwing an unreasonable tantrum, your house will be a warehouse of random toys, something may be burning away in the oven, and so on. It is important to make your peace with the fact parenting is not about being perfect; it’s about being there for your child.

There’s no ‘Parent of the Year’ reward, except the complete love and adoration of your child, and they don’t care whether you’re perfect or not!

There’s no guidebook to parenting, and every parent has their own unique approach to this adventure! You’ve been waiting to embark on this journey ever since you noticed the first pregnancy symptoms. Now, be patient, give yourself a break and seek help when you need it. You’ve got this!

What are some of your parenthood surprises? Let us know in the comments!


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