9 Things You Should Never Tell a Pregnant Woman

things never tell a pregnant women

There’s something about pregnancy that seems to turn every random person into some sort of an expert. Everyone from “well-meaning” relatives to friends to even strangers are quick to give a pregnant woman unsolicited advice, gems of wisdom or just make needless comments on her appearance or actions. What many don’t realize is that these things can be quite annoying, hurtful or even infuriating for the mother, who is already going through a lot. Parenting is a unique experience, and there’s never a “one size fits all” approach to it. So, the next time you see a pregnant lady, try NOT to say these things to her!

1st thing you should never tell a pregnant woman - “Wow! You look huge!”

Honestly, this is not only the stupidest but also the worst thing to say to a woman who is already feeling anxious and nervous about the many changes her body is undergoing. It is neither helpful, nor positive. So why would anyone say it? Don’t be surprised if a heavy object comes flying at your head if you say something like this to a to-be mommy!

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2nd thing you should never tell a pregnant woman - “Oh, you don’t look pregnant!”

There is absolutely no situation that makes it acceptable for people to comment on a pregnant woman’s body. The baby belly shows differently on different women, based on her body type. Just because her belly isn’t as large as you’d expect, doesn’t mean her pregnancy is any less true!

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3rd thing you should never tell a pregnant woman - “You better get all the sleep you can now while you can!”

Sleep is not like a snack that can be stored away to munch on later! Besides, this does nothing except intimidate someone who is already tired. A lot of pregnant women are often told to stay home and sleep while they can, instead of doing things that they may actually enjoy doing. Although she does need sufficient sleep, she definitely doesn’t need being told about it by people every time they see her awake!

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4th thing you should never tell a pregnant woman - “I hope you’ll be able to get back to your pre-pregnancy body.”

As someone who is actually undergoing dramatic transformations, physically as well as emotionally, the to-be mom has already thought about this a lot, don’t you think? Besides, this is a form of body shaming, and promotes an extremely discouraging sentiment! By telling her this, you’re essentially telling her that carrying a little human for a better part of the year and then undergoing the painful process of giving birth to it, isn’t good enough, and that she should be more worried about getting back to her old figure than doing what’s healthy.

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5th thing you should never tell a pregnant woman - “You really shouldn’t do that…”

Whether it’s eating something, doing some exercise, wearing a certain outfit, having sex or doing anything that makes the pregnant mother really happy or better – everyone around her feels entitled to quickly tell her to NOT do it. Firstly, pregnancy is not an illness; pregnant women are strong and resilient and know fully well what they’re doing. Secondly, if her doctor has green lit it, what logically backed reasons does anyone have to advise otherwise?


6th thing you should never tell a pregnant woman - “You better be breastfeeding the baby!”

Mother knows best, especially when it comes to her baby. And it’s not anyone’s place to tell her what to do or how to care for her baby, unless she asks for help! Mothers who choose not to breastfeed the baby for whatever reason, tend to get a lot of judgment from other people. This can be rather hurtful, especially if you don’t know the reasons for her choice.

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7th thing you should never tell a pregnant woman - “Enjoy your last few weeks of freedom!”

Parenthood is not a prison or a punishment. It’s an exciting journey for the mom as well as the dad. Many couples have struggled a lot to conceive, and telling them something like this just turns their struggles and pain into a joke.

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8th thing you should never tell a pregnant woman - “You look tired”

Of course, she does! Between the constant fatigue, nausea, erratic sleep and weird food habits, she’s really trying her best to just keep herself together. A pregnant lady, as it is, may be spending enough time thinking about how tired she feels and looks. She doesn’t need anyone else to tell her that.

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9th thing you should never tell a pregnant woman - “Oh, you’re just being hormonal”

Family members, friends and even husbands are often notorious for saying this to the to-be mommy every time she expresses herself strongly. Blaming her reactions on her hormones invalidates her opinions and makes it look like just because she’s got hormones raging through her, she can’t process intelligent thoughts. How rude is that? And even if she’s in the middle of dramatic mood swings, telling her this only makes her feel bad for something she cannot control.

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So, what exactly can you say to a pregnant woman? Well, you can start by telling her how great she looks and what a wonderful job she’s doing, wish her a healthy pregnancy, and try not to be an expert on the topic unless she’s asking for your help. It’s really that simple!


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