Trying to conceive? 5 tips for couples before their second pregnancy

Second child

Every couple thinks that their second pregnancy will happen very easily after having their first baby. But this is not always true! A lot of couples easily conceive the second time, but many also face problems. Some couples may also face other issues such as finances, family goals, age gap between the babies, etc.

Here are 5 tips for couples before they decide on their second pregnancy 

1. Finances

Maintaining a financial balance is important, as planning for the second baby may cost you just double. If you and your partner are both working, and planning to send both your children to boarding schools or abroad for further studies, you must plan your finances well in advance. 

2. Age gap

The first child’s age will always come in mind when you plan for a second child. If you want both your children to be friends and play together, it is better to keep a small age gap between them so that they can share their interests and get along well. 

3. Maintain your weight

It may be quite normal to put on some extra kilograms after delivering your first baby. But being overweight can cause some difficulties with conceiving for the second time, as the extra weight may bring about changes in your hormone levels and disturb your ability to conceive. Chances of successful conception are poorer in overweight and underweight women. In men, being overweight leads to a decrease in their sperm count and this may also decrease the chances of having an easy conception. 

4. Try to conceive your second baby before the age of 35years

Maternal age is an important factor that influences the chances of getting pregnant. If you are planning for a second kid, try to conceive before the age of 35 years. The chances of getting pregnant get slimmer mostly in womenin their mid-to-late 30s,as their egg count decreases with age. Hormonal changes and the risk of certain diseases also increase in their mid-to-late 30s.If you are in your mid-30s, this doesn’t mean that you won’t conceive again, it only means that you have less time to make it happen. So, don’t feel hopeless.

5.Take a look at your lifestyle

Track your lifestyle. Have any of your habits changed since you had your first baby?Track your diet and keep it healthy. Plan your eating habits so that you get help to conceive easier. If you take too much caffeine, reduce your intake as it is not good for your fertility. If you have started to smoke after the delivery of your first baby, or you are unable to sleep well, or if any unhealthy habits have been added to your routine, then it is a good time to put a brake on them. It is not just about your habits, but the habits of your partner that must be taken under consideration also.His habit of smoking, and drinking alcohol may affect the quality of his sperm, so take some effort and get him back on track before conceiving your second child. 


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