5 Vows Couples Who Are Trying To Conceive Should Make To Each Other

trying to conceive

If you and your partner believe that you are ready to undertake a whole new journey of parenthood, get ready for your life to turn around completely. While the two of you are trying to conceive, it’s important for your relationship to be as healthy as ever. To help you have a deeper and more meaningful experience, we’ve listed some vows you can make to each during this process.

1. We’ll take care of ourselves and each other

Many couples who are trying to conceive think that pregnancy is all too easy, and that they don’t have to focus on health until they’re actually pregnant. However, fertility is all about having your hormones in perfect balance, and you can’t have your hormones in perfect balance if your health isn’t in perfect shape. Quit smoking, drinking, binging on junk food and other unhealthy habits at least 6 months before you start trying to conceive. Consult with a nutritionist if you’re over or under a healthy weight limit, and follow the right exercise and diet. But most importantly, keep pushing each other to make health a priority.

2. We will deal with stress through healthy habits

Trying to conceive can be stressful. Add to that, the demands of a fast-paced urban lifestyle and career, you both are going to be experiencing a whole lot of stress. In such moments, people tend to turn to quick fixes which are also very unhealthy, such as smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol. Stress also affects sleep quality, which in turn affects your concentration, stamina and sex drive. Bring in some discipline into your household – sleep early and for at least 8 full hours, keep phones and laptops out of the bedroom, exercise and meditate together. Make some free time for yourselves to do the things you enjoy, whether it’s trying out new cuisines, travelling or undertaking a new hobby!

3. We’ll manage our emotions

From the moment you decide you’re ready for pregnancy and start trying to conceive, you feel tremendous excitement and anticipation. But, when multiple attempts to conceive fail, soon enough the fun and excitement go out and frustration creeps in. Frustration soon leads to anger, dejection, jealousy and resentment. The more you hold on to these feelings, the worse you’ll feel. Allow yourself time to process what you’re feeling and how you can work around it. Understand that you are not alone in this. Your partner is right by your side and there are couples everywhere dealing with these challenges.

4. We’ll acknowledge each other’s feelings

Whatever you’re feeling, your partner is going through the same spectrum of emotions. You both are probably not sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other because you don’t want to hurt each other or are just afraid to say things out loud. But communication is the only thing that’ll make this entire process easier and smoother. You’re a team, so work in sync. Support and talk to each other. Be honest and empathetic. Treat each other with patience, respect and understanding, always.

5. We will not hesitate to get help

If you’ve tried, tried and haven’t succeeded with pregnancy, perhaps it’s time to see a fertility expert? Talking to an expert will help you pinpoint the exact problem and fix it immediately, instead of navigating in the dark and getting frustrated in the process. Similarly, if trying to conceive has been taking a toll on your emotional health and well-being, if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed or if it has taken a toll on your relationship, do not hesitate to see a therapist. Confide in a close friend or a family member who can be your support system. It’ll make things much easier and clearer.

Don’t forget though, that above all, your most important promise should be to make each other’s health and well-being a priority. What are some of the vows you’d like to make to each other? Tell us in the comments! 


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