Treasuring your moment of happiness

The journey from pregnancy to parenthood

Finding out you’re pregnant can be one of the best moments in your life, and may come as a surprise even if you’ve been planning to have a baby for a long time. Here’s a precise sketch of this unforgettable moment of happiness:

When that Moment comes to you for the first time

Two red lines on your pregnancy test card, Pregakem? Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

When you first see the positive pregnancy test, you might find it difficult to believe your own eyes. It’s completely natural for you to feel emotional, since finding out you’re pregnant is big news to process. You might feel overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude for this miracle with which life has blessed you. You might even just sit there, staring at the positive pregnancy test, questioning the results or your abilities to raise a baby. You might start thinking of ways to tell your loved ones about your pregnancy. And you’ll most likely find yourself trying to guess the gender and picking out potential names for the baby.

Sharing your Moment of Happiness with others

Sharing the news of your pregnancy with your partner can be a special moment that’s best not postponed. However, while disclosing the news to a few close friends or relatives is fine, announcing it on social media before the second trimester is ill advised. This is because pregnancies are at their most vulnerable during the first 12 weeks. Once you tell them the happy news, you might receive a lot of interest, care, and advice from your family and friends, and even kind strangers! As an expectant mother, you’re likely to be showered with extra affection and attention, which is great because strong social support is believed to reduce the chances of postpartum depression later on.

Ensuring future Moments of Happiness

Once you’ve informed loved ones of your pregnancy, book a prenatal visit to learn about the development of the baby and get expert advice on how to manage your pregnancy. Don’t forget to notify your doctor about any medications that you’re on. Here are some useful tips that will ensure that your happiness lasts longer:

1. Give up detrimental habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol.

2. Just because you’re eating for two doesn’t mean that you have to double your intake of calories. Instead of quantity, focus on the quality of food. Eat healthier and consume only 500 additional calories per day.

3. Avoid harmful foods like sushi and unpasteurized cheese.

4. Add some gentle exercise to your routine.

5. Take prenatal vitamins.

6. Start a pregnancy diary and write down your birth plan.

7. Sign up for a prenatal class or join a birth club.

8. Read parenting books and talk to new parents about their experience.

9. Let others pamper you!

The moment when you find out you’re pregnant can be life-changing. So, don’t delay to confirm this precious moment. Welcome your moment of happiness by taking a home pregnancy test. Get an over-the-counter pregnancy test kit (of a reliable brand like Pregakem) to take a 5-minute pregnancy test at home.

You can also use a pregnancy test calculator to find out the right time to take a pregnancy test. This calculator maps your cycle to predict when a home pregnancy test might be effective.



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