Trying To Conceive - 5 Must Haves You Should Keep Close

tips for trying to conceive

After enjoying a blissfully beautiful marriage by ticking off most of the things to-do on your just married list, you and your partner decide that it’s time to make a baby. When you start trying to conceive, you’ll realise that it isn’t as easy as the movies make you believe. You may not see that positive sign on your pregnancy kit test right on your first attempt. But, you can make sure that all the times you and your partner are trying for pregnancy is less frustrating and enjoyable. Here’s what you’ll need.

1. Trying to Conceive Tips - Health supplements

Multivitamins are especially formulated to ensure that your body receives the nutrients and essential vitamins that are needed to help sustain and boost your health. For women, the production of red blood corpuscles needs to be healthy. Make sure your multivitamin contains at least a minimum of 400 grams of folic acid as that’ll help with production of more red blood cells. This will help prevent brain and spine defects in the developing embryo. For men, multivitamins that contain zinc will aid in the production of semen and testosterone.

2. Trying to Conceive Tips - Lubricants

Instead of using a lubricant off the counter, the safest lubricant is your body’s own cervical mucus. The thickness of the mucus completely depends on your ovulation cycle; an ovulation calculator can help with this. The best mucus for conception is translucent and can be stretched 2.5cm or 5cm between your fingers without breaking. An ovulation calculator can help determine when you’d be at the peak of your fertile period.   
Also, if your body is unable to produce enough lubrication do consult your gynaecologist for a good sperm friendly lubricant. 

3. Trying to Conceive Tips - Tracking your ovulation

Knowing when you are ovulating is very important as you’re fertile for only about six to seven days in the whole month, so make sure to keep track! A fertile window calculator or an ovulation calculator is of great help when you’re trying to conceive. 

4. Trying to Conceive Tips - Pregnancy kit

Trying to conceive is all about getting the timing right. So, you don’t want to waste precious time questioning yourself or second-guessing if you’re pregnant. This is why, make sure you have your own pregnancy test kit at home. As long as you’re trying to conceive, you need to have one of these around – Pregakem pregnancy kit is budget-friendly, without compromising on accuracy of the results.   

5. Trying to Conceive Tips - An exercise routine

A good fitness program will help keep your body fit and healthy, and ready to carry a baby. Exercising also boosts your energy levels and is known to trigger the release of endorphins in your body, which is the feel-good hormone known to increase sexual arousal. The best way to boost the sexual drive is by working out with your better half, spending quality time with them and getting healthy together!

Bonus point: Sleep!

Lack of rest or an irregular sleeping pattern can cause hormonal imbalance, which makes it even trickier to get pregnant. Catch up on a good night’s rest. You can’t have great sex if you’re tired, sleepy and feeling lethargic. 
Take some time out and use it to appreciate your body and your partner’s body. Switch some unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Keep work out of the house. And make sure you both maintain an honest, patient and understanding relationship. If have you any questions for us, regarding conception, ask us in the comments! 


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