Weekly Update: What’s Happening In Week 25 of Pregnancy?

  • January 16, 2018
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pregnancy week 25

Welcome to the twenty fifth week of your pregnancy! By now you’re exactly halfway through this incredible journey. Your baby is growing at its own steady pace, and a whole lot of changes continue to happen to your body. Want to know what’s happening to you and your baby, and what you should be doing during this week of pregnancy? Read on to find out. 

Signs and symptoms
Your ever-growing belly is going to weigh you down and limit your movements a lot. This means that the symptoms that have been surfacing over the past few weeks will continue – such as, feeling off-balance, dizziness, swollen ankles etc. 

The anxiety over delivery and the crazy hormone levels may cause sleep troubles. Add to that, your enlarged belly may interfere with your comfortable sleep too. 

As the baby requires more room in your womb, it starts crowding your bladder, making you feel like you need to pee all the time. 

A lot of women experience haemorrhoids i.e. swollen blood vessels in and around the anus. This happens due to the baby’s weight putting extra pressure on the digestive tract. If you’re already experiencing constipation, it may make things even more painful. You may feel pain and even notice bleeding while passing stools. Talk to your doctor about this for the safest remedy. 

You may notice your hair have grown more lustrous and fuller than ever before. Thank your pregnancy hormones! Unfortunately, like most of your other pregnancy symptoms, this too will go away once the baby is born.

As you approach closer to your due date, your uterus starts practicing contractions. You’ll notice your uterus get tighter and then relax back to normal. This is a natural process. Simply change your sleeping or sitting position and the contractions will subside. But, if the contractions don’t subside, call your gynaecologist immediately.

What’s happening to the baby?
At this point, your baby has grown to approximately 13.5 inches and weighs around 680 grams!

As the fat starts padding all over your baby’s body, its skin starts to appear firmer and smoother. Its hair is also growing and slowly gaining colour.

An interesting development happening in this week is that your baby has developed an amazing sense of direction, and can actually identify upward and downward directions!

By now you will start to notice a pattern in your baby’s movements – there’ll be specific periods in the day when it’ll be active and you’ll feel the kicks, and specific hours when there will be no activity at all. These periods of silence are when the baby is napping in your womb! If you feel like you haven’t noticed activity in a while, simply put on some music, drink some cold water or massage your belly gently, and your baby will respond with gentle kicks!

What should I be doing during this time?
Give your back some much-needed rest. Use a heat pack for relief from the pain. Avoid sleeping on your back. Rest on your side, and tuck a pillow under your knees.

Do some mild exercises under the supervision of a trained and experienced professional. Regular exercise can provide you relief from the varicose veins as well as constipation.

Eat clean, healthy and unprocessed foods. Include a lot of protein and fibre rich foods in your diet, such as avocados, broccoli, leafy greens, red and yellow fruits, dried fruits and nuts, whole grain breads and pastas, whole fat milk and so on. Avoid fatty, fried foods and aerated drinks.

Indulge in a nice, warm body massage to ease those sore and aching muscles.

Listen to soothing music to help you relax and fall asleep faster.

If you haven’t already decided the hospital where you will be delivering the baby, now is a good time to think about it. See if the hospital allows you to pre-book your room or bed there, and fill out the forms beforehand, so you have a smooth and comfortable admission when you go into labour. Check your health insurance coverage – if it has your delivery costs covered, and if you can extend it to cover your baby as well!

There have been cases of a preterm birth i.e. the baby being born, during this week and in the coming weeks. The best thing to do is discuss the possibility and risks of this with your gynaecologist. Read up all you can about a preterm birth and how can you prepare yourself in the best way possible for this situation.

Have you thought about baby names yet? Bring your loved ones together and brainstorm over some favourites!   
Get all the rest you can. Try to stay relaxed. If you feel too anxious or nervous, talk things out with your partner or a loved one. Communicating your feelings to the people you trust will only make you feel better and give you the support you need. Similarly, feel free to discuss any health concerns with your gynaecologist, who will happily answer all your doubts and guide you in the right direction. 

In case you have any other doubts and queries regarding your pregnancy, ask us in the comments below!

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