Weekly Update: What’s Happening In Week 24 of Pregnancy

  • January 16, 2018
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pregnancy week 24

By the time week 24 of pregnancy rolls in, your baby’s body is busy preparing it to survive in the outside world. As for you, your relationship with common pregnancydiscomforts continues. The more your baby grows, the higher the discomfort. The quiet, comfy phase you’ve been enjoying for the past couple of weeks will eventually fade now. Let’s understand all about pregnancy in this week.

Signs and Symptoms
The symptoms from the previous weeks will continue. These include swollen ankles and feet, backaches and stretch marks.

You’ll notice more and more stretch marks, as your belly continues to expand. This will be accompanied by itchiness.

You may also be feeling a little unsteady and off balance. This is because of your enlarged belly that’s making it a little difficult to balance the weight. Be extra careful when you’re climbing or getting down a flight of stairs, getting up from a sitting position or getting out of bed! Avoid standing suddenly too.

You may also experience dizziness. Make sure you eat and hydrate regularly. If dizziness persists despite this, consult with your gynaecologist immediately.

Your body is producing more and more mucous now. This will result in a blocked nose, sinusitis and headaches.
If it hasn’t already happened, by this week you will notice a dark line appearing vertically along the centre of your belly, called as Linea Nigra. It’s because of the increased hormonal activity and will fade away on its own after you’ve given birth.

Some women also develop dental problems during this time, such as bleeding gums and sensitivity. Make sure you get your teeth checked by a dentist in such cases to avoid infections.

During this period a lot of pregnant women also undergo a test to check if they’ve developed Gestational Diabetes (diabetes developing during pregnancy), and take appropriate measures.

What’s happening to the baby?
Your baby seems to have growth on fast forward. It has now grown to approximately 11.8 inches in length and weighs around 453 grams.

The baby’s lungs are maturing – from this point onwards, it’s breathing actual air instead of fluid. The tiny organs that make up the inner parts of the baby’s ears are also developing, helping the baby to listen more clearly.

All this while, your baby’s skin has been a mildly translucent. But, now it’s going to acquire an opaque, pinkish tint. The eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on the head have also fully developed – in due course they will change their colour from white to black or brown.

What should I be doing during this time?
Eat well – avoid very spicy and greasy foods, as well as processed foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, green and red vegetables, dry fruits and nuts, wholegrains and the like.

Move slowly. Avoid standing or sitting suddenly. Do stretching exercises regularly for relief from varicose veins, swelling and cramps. Use extra cushions to ease your backache. Avoid lifting heavy objects or walking too much.

Don’t hesitate to do some mild exercises everyday to loosen up the muscles, and build strength and flexibility.
This is the perfect time to plan a baby shower! It’ll also help you keep your mind off the discomfort.

Hang in there, take care of yourself, and get all the rest you can! If any discomfort becomes unbearably painful, see your obstetrician immediately.

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