Expecting Twins? Here's What You Should Know About Caring for Twins

  • January 09, 2018
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Giving birth to twins is not just double the joy - its double of everything, including the symptoms, stress and fatigue. Just because they're twins, they needn’t have the same set of habits or temperaments. We've listed down all the things you should know about caring for new-born twins, to make life easier for you!

1. Read up
Tested positive for twin-pregnancy? Find any material to learn how to deal with carrying two babies. The more you know about how unique this is from a regular pregnancy, the better you and your family will be prepared during and after pregnancy.

2. Carrying twins? You need extra folic acid
Folic acid is a crucial nutrient that protects your baby from a wide variety of birth defects. Quite obviously, if you’re carrying two babies, you need to double up on your folic acid dosage too. Ideally, mothers carrying twins are expected to take 1 milligram of folic acid per day, consult with your gynaecologist on the right dosage for you. 

3. You’ll end up spending more time at your doctor’s clinic
Twin pregnancies call for more monitoring than single ones. You will require more frequent ultrasounds and scans as compared to that required during a single pregnancy. Note that the chances of miscarriage are also higher in the case of twin pregnancies, and as such, extra care and monitoring is needed. (Please note: gender determination of the foetus via ultrasound or any other methods is illegal in India.)

4. Hello, morning sickness!
The high levels of the pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) when you are carrying twins could cause more frequent and much more intense nausea and vomiting especially during the first trimester, as compared to a single pregnancy. While it may take longer for the morning sickness to fade away, find comfort in the knowledge that it will eventually fade away! Talk to your gynaecologist about the safest ways of dealing with morning sickness (side note: not eating or eating too little is NOT AN OPTION).

5. You’re likely to gain more weight
Two babies, two placentas, and almost twice the amniotic fluid. This means you will gain more weight if you are carrying twins as opposed to moms carrying a single child. You will also need more energy, which means you will need those extra calories. To know exactly how much weight you need to gain, talk to your doctor, as every case of pregnancy is unique and there really is no set formula. Make sure you’re gaining weight steadily under the strict supervision of your gynaecologist and/or nutritionist. 

6. Expect the twin mommy-guilt
This is a fairly common phenomenon. Pregnant moms often feel guilty of not giving their baby enough of food and nutrition, enough care, or just enough of anything! And, in the case of twins, this feeling may be twice as much. 
One of the twins may like being naturally breastfed while the other may not. Additionally, it’s rather challenging to nurse both the babies at the same time. This can result in quite a stressful situation – where you have two hungry babies who are getting increasingly cranky, while you’re getting stressed out. Our advice? Take a deep breath. Try to create a feeding schedule, and avoid waiting until your babies are crying or feeling irritable due to hunger. Pump some breast milk and store it in a feeder bottle, so you’re ready for the baby who doesn’t prefer breastfeeding! The key is to be flexible, but also patient. With time, you’ll learn to handle your hungry twins simultaneously. 

7. Take care of yourself first
It will feel as if caring for twins requires 200% of your time, but remember that you and your spouse need to care for yourselves as well! Eat well and rest well. Avoid getting dehydrated especially during your pregnancy. Find the time to exercise or to simply head out for a walk. Remember to be punctual at the clinic during and after your pregnancy. It is more exhaustive than you think. So find time to catch up on lost sleep or to head out and clear your head. Breathe and remember to go easy on yourself! 

Now that you know you will have twice the miracles in your life, find the opportunity to enjoy every moment of it. If you are a prospective twin-mom, reach out to other twin-moms in your circle or just drop in a hello to them in the comments below.

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