Simple yet Useful Recovery Tips for Mommies in the Postpartum Stage

post pregnancy tips

Post-delivery, your body has gone through dramatic changes, your hormones are still going crazy and you definitely feel different than you did 9 months ago. Between wanting to sleep all the time and making sure your baby is alright, you may forget to prioritise yourself. But, self-care becomes an extremely important aspect of recovery postpartum. After all, a healthy and happy mommy means a healthy and happy baby. Here are some things you should do to ensure a smooth and nice recovery.

Don’t skip sleep

Not sleeping well can cause spikes in blood pressure, fatigue, headaches, etc. It’s also likely to leave you feeling moody, irritable, sluggish and unproductive. Common sense dictates that you should align your nap time to that of your baby’s. But sometimes it just isn’t possible. Instead, you can set aside a fixed time where you just sleep, while your partner handles baby duties. Go to bed early. Short naps throughout the day can prove to be really helpful too.

Eat well

For the first six months; your baby will depend on breast-milk exclusively. Plus, you need to regain your health and energy too. So, don’t skip meals and definitely don’t follow any diet fads. Healthy, wholesome food will make you feel good mentally as well as physically. Occasionally, feel free to treat yourself to your favourite dessert. A well-rounded diet will not only help you recover faster but also keep your baby healthy. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your food and overall nutrition, consult with your doctor.

Make a move

Understand that you won’t instantly shift back into your pre-pregnancy shape. What’s more important is that you’re healthy. In this regard, exercising is an excellent way forward. It helps you regain flexibility and balance. Moreover, regular exercise is the most effective way to maintain all-round physical, mental and emotional well-being. But don’t hop onto the treadmill right away. Consult with your doctor as to when you can start working out and which exercises are safe yet effective.


The physical exertion of giving birth, coupled with the medical procedures take their toll on your body. Postpartum, you’ll experience crusty, parched lips, dry skin and constant dehydration. The easiest way to overcome this is by drinking enough water throughout the day. Plus, hydration is even more important when you’re breastfeeding, to ensure smooth flow of milk. Make sure you have at least 2-3 litres of water daily.

Nothing a massage can’t fix!

A gentle yet thorough massage is perhaps the best way to give your body a break. Call a massage therapist, experienced with working with postpartum moms. They’ll focus on relieving the tension from your hip, shoulder and back muscles. A good massage helps you regain flexibility, improves blood circulation and regulates hormone levels, further boosting your recovery.

Help is good

Motherhood in its early stages is very overwhelming, and there’s no manual or rule book to live by. The little help from loved ones who’ve been through the same will only make your life easier. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious or confused, never hesitate to talk about it with people you trust. The mental peace will make a world of a difference.

Pamper yourself

Get that haircut you’ve been wanting for so long. Go to the park and read a book. Take long walks. Have fun, long conversations with your friends. Have some fun. You’re a mom now, but you’re also many other amazing things. You’re never too busy to make time for yourself, to do the things you enjoy and help you connect with yourself! It’ll keep you happy, which is great for you as well as the baby.

Don’t forget intimacy

You’ve been a team since the beginning, and now is perhaps the most important time to remember that and stick by it. You may not be able to control how busy both of you get between balancing work, home and the baby, to spend some alone time with each other. But make an effort, and you won’t regret it. Even something as simple as watching your favourite film together can work wonders for your relationship!

Take your time

We know you can’t wait to get back to work, and work your magic like the multitasking Goddess you are. But take your time. Relax as much as you can. Allow your body to heal fully – physically as well as mentally. Enjoy this quiet time before you get too caught up in work, household chores and everything else life has to offer. Your priority should be to get healthy and spend some precious time with your baby and your partner.

Take your time to breathe through this new life and embrace this change at your own pace without compromising your well-being. Don’t hesitate to depend on your partner for all the help and support you need. He is just as concerned about your well-being and is there to help you through everything. You both are on this journey of parenthood together. Make the most of it!


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