6 ways to baby-proof your apartment

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When your baby starts growing, you have to make some alterations to your apartment so that your baby can safely crawl around the apartment. Here are 6 ways in which you can baby-proof your apartment:

1. Make yourself baby-proof -

You should not wear earrings such as danglers, large studs or long necklaces when you are holding your baby because all these can harm you and the baby. Do not hold any sharp objects in your hands when you are with your baby. Keep your kitchenware such as glasses, plates, and silverware's far back on the table so that your baby cannot pull them when in your lap.

2. Clean the floors -

When your baby starts crawling,it is even more important to clean the floor because the baby can make contact with the germs easily. Tables, chairs, sofas, and beds should be adjusted in such a way that the baby should not suffer an injury while crawling. Small objects should be kept out of reach from children because your baby can put things in their mouth. Don’t walk with dirty shoes into your home because shoes can carry germs. You should ensure that you get someone to sweep, mop and vacuum your floors regularly.

3. Use safety gates -

A safety gate is a protective barrier which is designed to prevent babies from going to restricted areas of the home such as near stairs and the kitchen which can be unsafe for the baby. Safety gate scan be made from metal, plastic or wood and can be sized to fit in a variety of doorways. Install safety gates at both the beginning and the end of the staircase.

4. Keep hazardous products away -

Almost everything that can be dangerous for your baby should be kept away. These may include household products such as cleaners, dishwashers, tablets, paints, laundry soap, and medicines. All these things should be kept in a high locked cabinet. All mobiles being charged should be kept away from the baby. Cover all electrical cords and wall sockets to keep them out of reach from the baby.

5. Keep plants away -

Your child is not aware of plants. Although merely touching or smelling plants isn’t poisonous, but if your baby eats the leaves of some plants, it may harm the baby. Keep your plants in a place that is higher than the baby’s reach so that your baby remains safe.

6. Close all bathroom doors -

A bathroom is a very dangerous place for your baby. Bath tubs and showers are not friendly areas for the baby to play around. Your baby can easily slip in the bathroom. Every member of the family should make a habit of closing the bathroom door after their usage.

These were some ways in you can easily baby-proof your apartment to avoid accidents. 


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