5 Ways Your Body Tells You You're Fertile

ways to know you are fertile

Trying to conceive can be a longer process than anticipated. She needs to know when she is the most fertile, she should constantly check if she is pregnant, and keep trying if she is not. Tools like a fertile window calculator, an ovulation calculator, a home pregnancy test kit, and such things do come in handy when trying to conceive. But apart from these, if she listens to her body closely, she’ll realise that it’s giving her its own set of signs and signals too. Wondering what they are? Here are the 5 ways her body will tell her when she is most fertile.

1. Softer skin

Women might notice that their skin becomes a little softer than usual for a few days. That happens due to an increase in the hormone oestrogen. Lips will appear fuller too. Pupils will be more dilated than usual when she is ovulating. It is her body telling her that she is around her fertility peak for the month. Not only that, but she will also feel sexier and confident than usual, and her partner will be more drawn to her. Her body is smarter than she thinks, and it is clearly nudging her to go for it. 

2. Heightened sense of smell

Heightened sense of smell and sensitivity towards specific smells is a common feature during pregnancy. But a similar thing occurs when she is ovulating. Her sense of smell is heightened and thus, she will smell a few smells more than usual. A woman’s sense of smell becomes stronger in the latter half of the menstrual cycle, which is when she is nearing ovulation, as found by a recent study. So, if suddenly she find herself overwhelmed by her partner’s cologne, it is probably because she can smell strongly. 

3. Change in cervical mucous

The cervix produces a mucous consistently, but the amount of secretion is affected by hormonal changes too. When she’s ovulating, the consistency of cervical mucous is different than on other days.   While on non-ovulating days the mucus might be sticky, cloudy and might even go undetected, when ovulating the mucus will be clearer and stretchy, like egg whites. This is due to the fact that her body produces more oestrogen during ovulation. So, keeping an eye out for this, and touching and examining the cervical mucus once in a while is not a bad idea. The cervix too shows changes during ovulation. It will become softer and will feel more open as she nears ovulation. 

4. Consistency of saliva

This one might sound slightly ridiculous, but it is true. When she is about to ovulate, the saliva starts showing fern patterns. It appears something like frost on a glass. This happens due to a surge in the secretion of luteinizing hormones, which happens right before ovulation. While this can be noticed only through a fertility microscope, it is a non-invasive way of finding out when she is nearing ovulation. 

5. Heightened sensitivity in the breasts

Just before and after ovulation, her breasts will feel heavier and more tender than usual. The bra that’s been so well-fitting and comfortable otherwise, may start to feel annoying. Her nipples may also feel sensitive to touch. It is a sign of the various hormones rushing to her body, either going to or returning from their work of making her fertile. 

It’s surprising how by just paying slightly more attention to her body can let her know of all the changes going on in there. She may not be able to cue in on this immediately, but with practice she’ll grow more aware of how her body reacts during ovulation. 

Have any other signs of fertility to share with us? Let us know in the comments! 


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