What happens when you are 31 weeks pregnant?

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You are 31 weeks pregnant, so you only have nine more weeks left for your delivery and have entered the last phase of your journey of becoming a mother. You may feel some restlessness because of the pressure that your uterus is exerting around other nearby organs. Your baby is also undergoing a lot of changes such as weight gain, and development of the brain. Here is some information for you about your pregnancy at 31 weeks:

31 weeks pregnancy - Signs and symptoms:

Your body undergoes lot of changes to accommodate the growth of the baby. Your skin stretches and it may possibly leave you with stretch marks running down your belly. Your belly button also pushes forward and causes a slight bulge in your clothing.

Every once in a while you may notice some fluid leaking from your breast.

This fluid is colostrum (early breast milk containing proteins, fats, secretory IgA and minerals) and your body is preparing you for nursing the baby.

Your back and legs may experience pain sometimes because of the extra baby weight which you are carrying. You can go to a therapist for a prenatal massage if you are having too much pain.

You may become exhausted and breathless even after doing minor activities because your uterus is pushing up against the diaphragm,and the diaphragm is not able to fully expand to make space for the inflating lungs when you breathe in.

You may have to go for frequent urination because your uterus presses against the bladder and this leaves you with less space for storing urine.

You can also experience heart burn due to the upward pressure that your uterus pushes against the stomach and drives acidic content into your esophagus. The motility of the upper part of your gastrointestinal tract also decreases, and this makes it easy for the acidic stomach contents to flow upwards and cause heartburn.

31 weeks pregnant - What’s happening to the baby:

At this stage the position of the baby will be vertical with the head facing down and the feet pointing towards the cavity of your chest.

At this stage your baby is gaining weight rapidly and preparing for life outside the womb.

Other developments are also taking place all around the baby’s body, both on the inside and the outside. The size of your baby at this stage is roughly the size of a head of a Zucchini.

The weight of the baby is almost one kg and the height is about half a meter. Fats are deposited under the baby’s skin and the baby also becomes very active during this week.If your baby’s head is closer to the birth canal, your baby should go in-cephalic presentation in this week (baby’s head enters the pelvis first)

The fine hairs covering the body of the baby shed off, and wrinkles also begin to smoothed out.

Your baby is very active during this stage and is also able to control their limbs and therefore you may feel lots of kicks and bumps while the baby is moving. Your baby can even suck their thumb also.

The neurons in your baby’s brain also develop rapidly during this period to prepare for the outside world. A developed brain also develops the five senses in your baby, which means that your baby can now touch and feel.

31 weeks pregnant - What I should be doing this time?

When you have entered your third trimester, you are advised to sleep on your side. According to some research, people who don’t sleep on their side are at increased risk of still birth. You should go to your doctor and midwife for regular check-ups, so that they can measure the size of your womb and check for the proper positioning of the baby. The ideal position of the baby is head-down with the baby’s back towards your stomach.

They will also measure your blood pressure and does your urine tests.

You can also do Pilates as a form of exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor, tummy and back muscles.

This exercise not only helps you in preparing your body for labor, but also helps you in managing your baby bump.

Please consult your gynecologist before practicing any exercises.

31 weeks pregnant - What should your partner be doing this time:

The job of your partner is to ensure that you should get proper nutrition and rest. Your partner should remind you to sleep on your side. Your partner should go with you for regular visits to the doctor or midwife and encourage you to do some light exercises which can help in preparing for your labor.


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