What happens when you are 32 weeks pregnant?

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You are now 32 weeks pregnant and only 8 weeks away from welcoming your baby. You have successfully completed the large task of carrying and developing anew baby.The bones and organs of the baby are now almost fully developed;and you will notice a few changes in yourself mainly in the belly and pelvic areas. Here is some of information about your 32 weeks pregnancy for you to consider:

32 weeks pregnant - Signs and symptoms:

As the size of your baby increases, the size of your belly also increases to the point where you no longer are able to see your own feet. Stretch marks are also developed on your belly skin due to increasing size of the uterus and sometimes they may become itchy due to expansion of the skin.

You may notice some milk leaking from your breast which is actually colostrum's that contain lots of proteins, vitamins and secretory IgA antibodies. When your uterus expands, it pushes up against the surrounding organs including the stomach which makes it easy for the acidic component of your stomach to flow through the gullet causing heart burn.

Massive uterus expansion also puts pressure on the colon and this may limit the flow of colonic contents giving the body more time to absorb water from the colon and cause constipation.

You may also have irregular light contractions (Braxton Hicks contractions)ranging from a half to two minutes every 5 to 6 hours before the real labor. These contractions prepare your body for your real labor contractions. Due to the increasing weight of your baby, you may feel somewhat tired and achy in your back muscles and legs.

32 weeks pregnant - What’s happening to the baby?

Your baby is becoming bigger with a height of about 16.7 inches at this time. At 32 weeks, the size of your baby’s head is about the size of a medium sized lettuce. The weight of your baby is around 1.8 to 2 kg and the baby is positioned in a head-down position. There are also lots of developments taking place around the uterus to ensure that your baby will be in a perfect shape and condition for the outside world. The fats which are deposited under the baby’s skin start spreading and they may become denser. Your baby will become more opaque and appear closer to the final look which you will see after delivery. Nails, bones, internal organs, and lungs are properly developed and fully formed. Bones become soft and malleable, and will need to become harder. On comparing the head size with other parts of the body, the head of the baby will be some what larger.

32 weeks pregnant - What I should be doing this time?

You are advised to sleep on your side during your day nap or at night time. You can go to some classes which teach breathing exercises. These breathing exercises will not only give you relaxation, but they will also help you in coping with labor.

32 weeks pregnant - What your partner should be doing? 

Husbands should ensure that their wives not do any heavy work but that she starts doing some light exercises. You can also arrange breathing classes for your wife. They should give you constant moral support because sometimes you may feel anxious. Don’t let her do any tiring work and tell her to sit with her feet up to get relief from her leg pain.Husbands can help out with daily house chores and arrange for a family member to come and live in with them for some time to lighten her work load and help out with chores. 


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