What happens when you are 33 weeks pregnant?

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You are now 33 weeks pregnant and only have 7 weeks left for your delivery. During this time it will be difficult for you to feel relaxed and comfortable and you will start imagining your life after delivery. You will notice lots of changes in yourself and you have to deal with pain and aches, and swelling problems every day. Here is some information about your 33 weeks pregnancy for you:

33 weeks pregnant- Signs and symptoms :

During this week, you will notice lots of changes in your body, because your body is preparing you for your delivery. During this week you will also feel some changes in your heart since your body will start producing more blood than normal, and your blood volume will increase by around 40 percent. Your heart will start pumping harder to accommodate these changes and you will also notice your heart beating faster. All of this is normal but if you have problems, you can consult your doctor. You would have gained around 10 to 13 kg of body weight. Your enlarged uterus will put more pressure on your spine and this pressure will cause back pain. You can do some physical therapy for relieving your back pain. Your ankles and feet will also swell more than before due to the increasing size of the uterus that applies more pressure on your leg veins and may cause pain. Apart from this, you will also experience difficulties in sleeping, heart burn, shortness of breath, and early signs of contractions. Some signs of early labor which you may experience during this week include frequent contractions, lower back pain, some cramps in your legs, water breaking, and vaginal discharge. If you have severe contractions, you should go to the nearest hospital immediately.

33 weeks pregnant- What’s happening to the baby :

The size of the baby head during this week is like the size of average pineapple.During this week your baby is getting even more ready to enter this world, and will continuously gain more weight. The length of your baby will be around 15 to 17 inches, and the weight will be around 1.8 to 2 kg. Every baby is not the same and the growth of your baby can differ.A healthy immune system develops at this stage and antibodies are passed from you to your baby and your baby continues to develop healthily.

33 weeks pregnant- What I should do?

Yoga will be a good exercise option for you this week. Yoga will work on your muscles, and will not put too much pressure on your joints. You can also do breathing exercises as these may help you during your labor. Your pelvic floor muscles should be well toned, as this will help in preventing accidental urine leakage and trickle during coughing and straining.

33 weeks pregnant- What your partner should do?

Husbands should give constant support to their wives. You can start purchasing and packing the things which she will need for delivery, and check the distance between the hospital and your home. Give her an occasional massage so that she gets relief from any pain she may be having. You can even make your wife practice yoga and breathing exercises. Help her around the house, and have someone she loves with her at all times for anything she needs.


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