What happens when you are 34 weeks pregnant?

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Believe it or not, you are now 34 weeks pregnant and only 6 weeks are left for your delivery!During this week, your baby will begin hearing your voice so you must be careful about what all you say. You must be happy but on the other hand you may be feeling nervous also. Here is some information about your 34 week pregnancy for you to consider:

34 weeks pregnant- Signs and symptoms

Your belly continues growing to sit lower in your pelvic area. Your amniotic fluid will also start decreasing, and you will feel almost every movement of your baby. The volume of your blood is significantly more than normal at this time making it difficult for you to manage all this extra fluid. You will feel very tired daily, and your hands and legs usually will be swollen. Your belly may be slightly lower than it was before a few weeks, because your baby has descended into your lower pelvis. When your baby descends down, there will be more pressure on your bladder, and therefore you will have even more frequent urination. The pressure around your chest and lungs will reduce, and your lungs will now get more space to expand and contract because your baby is moving further down into the pelvic area.

Constipation is a very normal symptom during this week. You are gaining a lot more weight and walking will not be as easy as it was before. You should try to keep walking actively, and eat plenty of foods that are rich in fiber. Drink lots of water to hydrate yourself also. As your baby grows, it will be even more exhausting and tiring for you to carry the extra load of your baby, especially if you are carrying a twin pregnancy.More pressure develops on your pelvis due to the increasing growth of your baby. You will feel the urge to urinate frequently due to the greater pressure which your baby puts on your pelvis.

Hemorrhoids can develop due to the increasing pressure on the lower rectum owing to the extra weight of your baby. You can try different sitting positions to see how comfortable you can make yourself. You may have light contractions at this time also as these prepare your body for delivery. However, If you are having contractions for more than one hour, and that too with vaginal bleeding and lower back pain, you should call your doctor because these can be signs of premature labor.

34 Weeks pregnant- What s happening to the baby?

During this week, the size of your baby’s head is that of a butternut squash, or a small pumpkin. The baby’s length is around 45 cm and the weight is around 2 kg.In the last few weeks your baby had started accumulating fat under their skin. This is a very important part in the development of the baby’s brain,because fats help in the regulation of body temperature after the baby is born. Most of the organs of the body will be fully formed except for the lungs. Even though primary alveoli are formed in the lungs, mature alveoli will only be formed at a later time. The facial features of the baby will be different now. You may notice that your baby is getting hiccups. The central nervous system of your baby will also mature during this time.

34 weeks pregnant- What I should do?

During this time you need an extra 200 calories for you and your growing baby. Your pregnancy hormones act on and relax your joints to enable further stretching and prepare you for birthing. You should take extra care when you are moving around. In case you are doing exercises, don’t make any movements which require a lot of force. You should bend your knees, rather than bending your back when you have to pick things up from the floor, and don’t try to carry anything heavy. This week is the best time for you to get your breast pump for later use.

34 weeks pregnant- What should your partner do?

Your partner should take care of your diet. He should ensure that you eat well and also ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Your partner should get a breast pump for you. He should also help you in doing household works and exercises.  


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