What happens when you are 35 weeks pregnant?

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Now you are 35 week pregnant and only have 5 weeks left for your delivery. You might be feeling even more uncomfortable with your baby bump at this stage. Moms may have mixed emotions during this time. Many moms eagerly await their baby, while many moms feel a little bit nervous about their delivery. Here is some information for you to consider about your 35 weeks pregnancy:

35 weeks pregnancy- Signs and symptoms -

You will feel uncomfortable during this week because your pregnancy is going to end now or anytime soon. You may gain some more weight and you may have some symptoms which show that your due date is coming up very soon. The size of your uterus has increased up to 1,000 times and is now located just below the rib-cage. You are now more likely to gain around 230 g of weight every week.You will face more Braxton-Hicks contractions (frequent contractions like labor). You will have to go for urination even more frequently because the head of the baby puts even more pressure over the bladder at this stage.

You may have urinary incontinence (urine trickle or leaks while sneezing, coughing or laughing) and you may feel clumsy because of your growing belly. Walking and moving with your growing belly will be even more difficult now. You can also have a thick vaginal discharge which may denote the loss of your mucous plugs that was protecting the opening into the cervix. The mucous plug generally comes out just before delivery, but if it somehow comes out slightly before it doesn’t always mean that you are going to have your delivery any time now. In some women mucous plugs are lost up to 2 weeks before their delivery.

35 weeks pregnant- What’s happening to the baby -

During this week, your baby is just about the size of a pineapple. The weight of your baby should be around 2.4 to 2.5 kg and the height should be nearly 45 centimeters. The height of the baby will not grow much more now, but the weight of the baby will continue to increase. All the organs of your baby have already developed at this stage. Your baby will start practicing the sucking reflex and continue moving towards a very low position in your pelvis, almost readying for delivery.

You baby’s kidneys are completely formed now and they will start producing sterile urine. If the baby is a boy, his testicles will move downwards. The baby will gain most of the weight from the fatty tissue which helps in regulating their temperature as they come out of the womb. On your baby’s shoulder there will be a considerable amount of fat deposited, and this will provide support to this area during the delivery.

35 weeks pregnant- What I should do?

You will have difficulty in sleeping during this week due to your growing belly. You can sleep in a semi-reclined position, or you can get a special pillow for yourself. The food you eat in the last stages of your pregnancy is very important to make your baby strong enough for delivery. If you are having symptoms such as heartburn and constipation, you should drink lots and lots of water and eat smaller fiber rich meals. You can spend more time with your closed ones like your friends, your family members etc to feel better going into your delivery.

35 weeks pregnant- What your partner should do?

Husbands should try to spend more time with their wives because they are going to feel more uncomfortable during this week. Support her, talk to her, and calm her down because she will be very nervous during this time. Arrange for a small get together for her, and invite her close friends and family members to make her feel special and supported by her close ties. By this time you should have bought and packed all the things required by her and the baby when she is heading to the hospital for delivery.  


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