Winter Care Tips for Your Newborn

Winter Care Tips for Your Newborn

You were blown-away with joy when you got a double line on your pregnancy test kit and now the baby is here and you’re reading up to do it just right! It's your baby’s first winter and taking care of your baby in winters can be a little overwhelming. The drop in temperature, cold winds blowing, strangers surrounded with germs and flu are some of the things that are worrisome as your baby is still in the process of developing their immune system. It is better to take some precautions as your baby is susceptible to various virus and bacteria that are highly infectious especially during winter season. Here in this blog, you will find some tips to keep your baby safe and healthy in this chilly winter season.

Winter Care Tips for Your Newborn -

1. Dress Up Your Baby Comfortably – Make sure your baby is dressed in comfortable, soft clothes with breathable fabric that doesn’t restrict their movements. You can bundle your baby up in layers as it will keep them cozy and retain the heat in the layers. You can make them wear gloves, socks and caps to cover their body. As your baby will be fully covered it will make them sleep peacefully.

2. Massage Your Baby – Massaging your baby regularly with oil will help in their growth and development. It helps in blood flow leading to proper blood circulation. It also keeps your baby’s skin soft and healthy. The regular actions of massaging lead to your baby’s well-being, strengthening their bones, improving digestion and boosting their immunity. Just make sure whenever you are doing your baby’s massage, the room is warm as to not let them catch cold.

3. Use Moisturizer – The winter air is too harsh for your baby’s skin. Newborns have very sensitive skin and can get easily dry in winter. Use a good gentle moisturizer made for baby’s skin. This will make their skin soft and supple and prevent it from getting dry and chapped. Use a moisturizer rich in cream, milk and butter as it will help to lock in the moisture and texture of your baby’s skin.

4. Use Humidifier – During winter, the dry cold air makes your baby’s skin dry and itchy. As the temperature rises, using a heater will dry out the air even further. Hence, installing a humidifier will help keep a balance and maintain the moisture level of your room. The vapour coming from the humidifier will make the air humid and feel warmer.

5. Breastfeed your Baby – Mother's milk is best for baby. It is rich in iron and contains antibodies that builds immunity and helps in strengthening their bones and muscles of the body. Mother's milk provides proper nutrients making sure that the baby is healthy.

6. Take Your Baby Outdoors – Unless it is unbearable cold that even you can’t withstand, it’s fine to take your baby out once in a while. This will help them to get accustomed to the outside temperature, breathe in fresh air and adapt to changing weather. Dress them comfortably and cover them from head to toe because the cold wind might affect and make them uncomfortable. If your surroundings are not healthy, ensure that you go out early in the mornings for some good vitamin D intake when the air pollutants haven’t spoilt the environment.

Just how you to took care during your pre pregnancy planning and pregnancy planning, take care of your baby this winter. You can’t avoid the winter season completely but you can always take precautions so that your baby doesn’t fall sick. Even with all these precautions, there are chances of your baby falling sick. You can always take them to the pediatrician and get them treated. It is inevitable that you will get worried for your baby if you’re a new mommy or if it’s your baby’s first winter. Keep your baby hydrated, maintain proper hygiene and keep your house warm. If it turns out to be something more than common cold and flu, consult a doctor.


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