6 Weird Things Couples Do to Get Pregnant

wired things for pregnancy

When a couple decides to have a baby, and starts trying to conceive, they begin with a whole burst of excitement and anticipation. After all, you are about to begin an incredible journey. And in this journey, one of the first things you’ll realise is that getting pregnant isn’t as easy or quick as you thought! The result? You and your partner resort to doing some pretty weird and funny things to embark on the journey of pregnancy and parenthood. Here are some of the weird things all couples do while trying to conceive!

1. Raising legs and keeping them in the air

Ladies, raise your hands if you’ve done this after sex, because you read somewhere that laying down with your legs up in the air makes the sperms reach the egg faster?! But know that it doesn’t really give sperms the necessary speed boost. As long as you’re lying down, the sperms will get to their destination anyway. But at least it’s turning you into a gymnast!

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2. Weird sex positions

Trying to conceive has made you and your partner rather experimental when it comes to your sex life! You’re looking up positions that help you get pregnant faster, and are totally willing to try them yourself. While there’s no scientific study proving that certain sex positions can help you conceive, if you’re having fun in the bedroom, go right ahead and explore your sex life together!

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3. Scheduling the exact time to have sex

You’re an expert at using a fertile window calculatorand an ovulation calculatorby now to know when is the best time to have sex. As a result, you and your partner have now scheduled your lives around this. When it’s ovulation time, you both drop everything and get to business!

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4. But also, having sex all the time!

Because, why risk it by missing the window, right? You and your partner now make the most of every opportunity to have sex to improve your chances of pregnancy. And there’s absolutely no problem with that. As long as both of you are having a good time, make the most of it, and let this bring you two closer as a couple!

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5. Developing your own code language!

You both have done so much research on fertility, trying to conceive and all about pregnancy, that by now you’ve learnt all the scientific terms with regards to conception. In turn, over the course of time, you’ve also ended up forming your own little code words and gestures that only you two can understand, especially when it’s time for your scheduled sex in the fertile window period!

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6. You’re on all kinds of fertility diets

You’re willing to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all your efforts in trying to conceive yield successful results and soon. The one place you’ll put this into practice the most is the kitchen. Your kitchen is now stocked will herbs that you’d never even considered buying before, smoothies, experimental juices, strange ingredients in your everyday dishes and whatnot. But remember that it’s less important to go crazy over these fertility diets and more important that you and your partner follow a healthy wholesome diet rich in iron, vitamins, fibres and so on.

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Trying to conceive can get stressful after a while. But don’t let that bring you down or dampen the excitement in your relationship. Maintain intimacy, stress less and follow a healthy lifestyle as much as you can. Most importantly, have fun with each other!

What are some of the weird things you and your partner did while trying to conceive? Let us know in the comments!


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