How working couples can support each other while expecting a baby

Pregnancy journey for working couples

A happy and healthy relationship between the expectant parents makes for a happier and healthier pregnancy. However, for many parents-to-be, pregnancy can be a testing time. Working couples spend the majority of their week fulfilling their professional obligations. To maintain a healthy pregnancy, it is important that working couples find ways to offer support to each other and make efforts towards strengthening their bond.

Work towards a healthy relationship during pregnancy

Communicate with each other – that helps avoid misunderstandings and connect better.

Working couples can support each other emotionally by texting during lunch breaks with updates and by setting aside time for conversations after work (going on walks together). It is important that couples be open and honest about their feelings but also refrains from getting into unnecessary arguments.

Make each other a priority to grow closer.

This should ideally be a practice for life not just during pregnancy. Couples who appreciate each other – express their gratitude and affection (verbally or with tokens of love) – tend to fare well during pregnancy. Working couples can keep the romance alive and create special memories by planning date nights and short vacations.

Pregnancy is team work.

To work well as a team, couples can share a few pregnancy-related activities (such as talking to the baby or reading parenting books) and attend medical appointments and/or antenatal classes together. Jointly weighing in on decisions (e.g. while developing the birth plan or choosing a parenting approach) can also ensure a shared journey.

The Role of an Expectant father

A father-to-be can provide support to his pregnant partner by taking an interest in the pregnancy journey and finding out how he can help. He can start by gathering information on the process, learning about (and keeping track of) the changes that the mother-to-be is likely to experience, and accompanying her to doctor’s appointments and/or antenatal classes. He can ease her pregnancy-related physical discomfort by helping around the house, listening actively and practicing patience and understanding. Moreover, by adopting some of the practices (regular exercise, healthier diet, etc.) himself, he can help her make the changes in lifestyle required for a healthy pregnancy.

Expectant mother should take the father along

Pregnancy can be hard on a working father-to-be too. It is quite common for men to feel left out during the pregnancy journey. A mother-to-be can help her partner become more connected and comfortable by educating him about the journey and talking about his expected role during the pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Keeping him in the loop on any new developments in the pregnancy phase (especially when he’s unable to get off work and join in for a doctor’s appointment) and involving him in pregnancy plans and activities will also make him feel included.

Welcoming the newborn is super exciting, but preparing for it should be a happy experience too for both of them, especially when both are working. A healthy communication with each other and a compassionate understanding of each other’s personal and professional priorities during this time can work wonders for the would-be family.

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