Your Pregnancy test is positive, Now WHAT?

Your Pregnancy test is positive

A positive pregnancy test kit may result in a range of feelings, concerns, uncertainties, and anxieties. Try to inhale deeply a few times. Pregnancy comes as a complete surprise to some people. In any case, you're not the only person who might be thinking, "It’s positive—now what?"

You probably want to celebrate if you're not panicking. And in that case, you ought to! You just learned something really exciting that will completely alter your life. There are a few things you should do right away if your best home pregnancy test results are positive, such as scheduling a doctor's appointment. Confirm your pregnancy by seeing your gynecologist. After that, you and your doctor can start discussing the precautions you should take for a good pregnancy.

Finding out you're pregnant is a major life event that causes a wide range of emotions to surge: excitement, joy, relief, terror, and perhaps even more bewilderment about what to do next.

Regardless of whether this pregnancy was planned or not, there are several crucial next steps you should think about and take.

Inform your spouse. Do you need suggestions for telling your significant other? We offer a few ideas on how to break the news to your partner.

Quit smoking right away. Being introduced to smoking and cigarettes is one of the worst things you can do for your child. Smoking is well-known to be extremely damaging to a developing fetus and to increase the risk of certain birth abnormalities.

Avoid consuming alcohol. It's fine (and even recommended!) To celebrate your pregnancy, just make sure you don't drink alcohol while doing so. Additionally, avoid drinking alcohol at all when you are pregnant because it is harmful to the unborn child and could result in complications in labour, such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or birth defects.

Prevent caffeine. This applies to all caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea, soda, and others. There is conflicting information regarding whether caffeine is safe to use while pregnant, despite the fact that it is not nearly as harmful as alcohol or smoking. Gynecologists encourage pregnant women to keep their daily caffeine intake to around 200 mg in order to be safe. This is roughly equivalent to one 11-ounce cup of coffee per day.

Inform your family and friends and share the good news. It's up to you when to inform your loved ones that you're expecting, but if you do, they'll probably be as thrilled as you are.

One of the best things you can do is to stay comfortable, help your body in getting ready for birth, have a good weight gain for your body, and manage your pregnancy symptoms by staying active. However, pause for a moment before choosing between an epidural and natural birth. Take it one trimester at a time since you have 40 weeks to find all the answers.

There's no reason to stop if you were already active or routinely exercised before becoming pregnant. It's good to keep up your normal workouts. It's a terrific time to get motivated if you aren't already active. Swimming, yoga, and daily walks are all great low-impact activities.

Keeping yourself active can be great for you and your baby but don’t exert yourself too. Save up energy, as once the baby comes you will need a lot of it!

The real journey begins after you confirm your pregnancy using a pregnancy detection kit. So, take the right measures and do what you think is right for you and your baby.

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